How Long Does An Interview Last (And Why)?

How Long Does An Interview Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 minutes

The length of an interview would depend on the type of interview. The interview is a very important part of recruiting candidates. The capability of the candidate would also affect the interview time. If the interviewer feels that the candidate is not capable, then they may not stretch the interview.

If the candidate shows good skills, then the interview may last for more than 45 minutes. The resume of the candidate would affect the interview time. People with good resumes and internships may face long interviews with questions about their experiences.

How Long Does An Interview Last

How Long Does An Interview Last?

In minutes60 minutes
In hours1 hour

The interview time would vary for all the candidates giving interviews for different firms and companies. The candidates that are giving interviews for the government platform may have to give the interview for around 30 to 60 minutes.

The requirements of the platform and the skills of the candidate would decide the interview time. According to professional standards, the interview should last for around 30 to 45 minutes. Some interviews may last for more than 60 minutes if the interviewers want to analyze the skills of the candidate.

The candidates should prepare themselves for better performance during the interview. The interviewer may ask many questions for testing the personality, work ethics, behavior, mental skills, and knowledge of the candidate. The mode of interview would also affect the interview time.

If it is a phone call interview, then it would not last for more than 15 to 45 minutes. In-person interviews can last for 45 to 120 minutes. Group interviews may last for a few hours while technical interviews may last for around 60 minutes. The interview time would get affected by the interviewer.

If the interviewer is a knowledgeable person, then the interview may go longer. If the interview is done by a representative, then the interview would not last for longer than 15 to 45 minutes.

Why Does An Interview Last This Long?

If the interviewer prefers asking the basic questions to the person, then it would not take more time. If the interview would ask deep questions to the candidate about the study, future plans, and general knowledge, then the interview may go for hours.

The candidate’s response to the interviewer would also play a huge role in predicting the interview time. If the candidate stays on the topic without giving random answers, then the interview would get complete in 30 minutes.

If the candidate would elaborate the answer in a huge manner, then it would take more than 45 minutes. The number of candidates would also affect the interview length. If there are many candidates to be covered in a single day, then the interview may last for a fixed time period.

If the number of candidates is 2 or 3, then the interview time would be more than 45 to 120 minutes for each candidate. The experience of the interviewer would affect the interview time. If the interviewer is having good experience in the field, then the interview knows all the questions that should be asked.

The newly appointed interviewers may ask more questions to the candidates as they have less experience. The interviewers who have their questions ready with them would complete the interview in a short time. If someone has not listed the questions, then there won’t be any fixed interview time length.

The level of interview would be different for government and private jobs. The interview plans for the government jobs would not be flexible as they are fixed under authorities. The private job interviewer may give some flexibility to the interview and may conduct short interviews.


The interview time length for the government, private, and semi-government platforms would be different. The type of profession would make difference in interview time length. The candidates should prepare themselves for long interviews, as they never know the exact time.

Preparing their mind for a long interview beforehand would hold their mental stability. The candidates need to be patient while sitting for an interview.

The interviewer may give some instructions about the interview time length, but not in all cases. Everyone should try to give direct answers without modifications to keep the interview short and precise.


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