How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Earth (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 345.85 Days To Walk 24,901 Miles

Since the earth is not a perfect sphere, there are many ways to measure how far it would take to walk around the whole thing. There is an old saying that if one walks around the earth, it will be about 25,000 miles. 

According to a survey conducted by experts, this statement seems to hold as the number of miles is 24,901. 

If one walked for eight hours every day of the year without ever stopping or sleeping, then one would have walked around the entire world.

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How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Earth?

Round the equator345.85 days without stopping
Through the poles 344.69 days without stopping

It is agreed that determining the size of Earth might be accomplished by comparing the altitude of a star between two cities on the same meridian. 

It would take one person about 345.85 to walk 24,901 miles around the Earth.

The Earth is not a perfect sphere, as it is not the only planet in our Solar System with this shape. Due to its rotation, the Earth bulges near the equator. This results in the polar circumference being longer than the equatorial circumference (or meridional circumference), which measures 24,901 miles.

Despite the logistical impossibility of completing a walk worldwide, several people have received credit for doing so. David Kunst was the first to be recognized by completing this feat in June 1970, when he departed with his brother John from Waseca, Minnesota. Though it is a wonderful approach, the stakes were high.

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First Route: Through the equator

  1. 24,901.461 miles at 3 mph
  2. 24,901.461 ÷ 3 = 8300.487 hours
  3. (24 hours in a day) 8300.487/ 24 = 345.85 days 

Second Route: Through the poles

  1. 24,817.971 miles at 3 mph
  2. 24,817.971 ÷ 3 = 8272.657 hours
  3. (24 hours in a day) 8272.657/24 = 344.69 days

Despite the calculations, one must expect a lot of obstacles related to health, environment, and other things.

Why Would Walking Around The Earth Take So Long?

The earth is a very large sphere, and it isn’t easy to walk around. The distance one would have to take steps to go all the way around our planet is about 24,901 miles. That’s not taking into account towns and cities, which means that one’s journey around the world will probably take even longer than expected.

Between the ages of 20 and 29, human walking speeds are 3 to 3.04 miles per hour, according to one study published in 2011. 

Walking speeds decrease as humans get older, according to a recent study. Researchers from the research stated that people aged 50 to 59 walk at a pace of 2.93 mph. Individuals aged 60 to 89, according to the study, walk at a speed of 2.10 to 3 mph.

Walking around the earth best practices:

1. Form a team of at least three people with the necessary equipment. This team could be made up of family or friends who are an inspiration to the globetrotting person. It will provide security, good encouragement, and accountability.

2. A person will visit program days for each location with one or two long daily walks to complete objectives for each day’s second half. Finish every walk if possible, even if it lingers into the evening before dark comes. 

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3. If one is not finished, just note it on their itinerary during breaks to know why there might not be time to move onto the next locality quickly enough after rest, food, and hydration stops.


A human’s daily walking average is estimated to be 7,200 steps. The average number of steps a person takes each day is 7,200. If a person lives to the age of 80, they have traveled more than 200 million steps in their life. 

Considering the median stride length of a man, which amounts to 110,000 miles, it is enough to go around the earth 5 times.

Therefore, one must prepare everything like equipment, food, sleeping arrangements beforehand to face every obstacle they could face while walking. Walking with an enthusiastic and passionate team also helps. It is considered risky to begin the walk without making proper arrangements owing to security reasons and other prominent issues.



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