How Long After Knee Replacement Can I Swim (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-6 Weeks

Swimming is a great way to keep yourself healthy and as well a safe activity whenever someone is in danger of drowning. Most people can resume their practice of swimming as soon as they spend 3-6 weeks after they had knee replacement surgery.

If you want to swim and you have had knee surgery recently then you should try to ask your doctor whether it would be a great idea to go swimming once again. Even dancing is a great way to exercise your legs and as well for your overall health. You can also indulge in some kind of sport to keep yourself healthy.

How Long After Knee Replacement Can I Swim


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How Long After Knee Replacement Can I Swim?

Exercising after knee replacementPatients can exercise once they have taken a rest for about 3-6 weeks.
Duration of knee exercisingWalking (at least 30 minutes) 2-3 times a day.

If you think you want to get inside the pool once again then that would be really great but, you should not exercise for several weeks after the knee replacement surgery. You need to take a rest after the surgery so that you recover faster.

In most cases, people can resume their normal activities within 12 weeks after the surgery. You might feel irritated always resting in your bed and that could be quite normal because there would be nothing else that you could do after your surgery.

You should be motivated to return to your normal routine after resting for several weeks. You should not feel lazy because that would only harm your overall health. By the end of the 5th or 6th week, you will be able to do certain things slowly because you do not want to go harsh on your newly replaced knee.

Knee Replacement

It is the exercise that will help your knee muscles to strengthen and also help you to maintain a healthy weight. One should try to exercise for about 20-30 minutes every day so that the blood flow is normal. Contact your doctor and ask for recommendations for activities based on your needs.

Why Does It Take That Long After Knee Replacement To Swim?

Recovering after a knee replacement surgery is not something that will happen overnight. Healing takes some time once you go through the surgery. Therefore, during this time you need to take a rest so that you can heal properly.

Once you spend about 2-3 weeks resting on your bed you can start to do low-impact exercises so that your knee can benefit from it during its recovery period. You can ask your doctor about some exercises that you could do while you are lying on your bed that can benefit your knee.

You can also take the help of the internet and look for tutorial videos. Once you begin to take baby steps after your knee replacement surgery then you can start walking slowly and this would be a great exercise for your knee and as well as for maintaining a healthy weight.


Swimming would be another ideal exercise that you would want to do after knee replacement surgery. Swimming is a type of exercise that will not put heavy stress on your artificial knee. There are other aqua exercises that you can do which will also benefit your knee.

Another activity that you can look for is dancing. Dancing is equally fun and also an exercise for your body. Dancing will improve your leg muscles and will increase the efficiency of your replaced knee. However, do not go for a freestyle and other abrupt movements that could put your knee out of alignment.


In the end, you have to be healthy and recover from your recent knee replacement surgery as soon as possible because you might be an athlete or an office-going person and you have to move so much every day. This is why you should have the patience to take a rest for several weeks because this is the time when you have to heal.

If you make certain movements that can damage the replaced knee and there could be certain complications arising out of it. So, you should be careful about the movements that you make.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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