How Long After Kybella Can I Get A Facial (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks

Cosmetic surgeons have developed several treatments that do not necessarily require surgical intervention for the patient. They are minimally invasive to help cut down the recovery time. Kybella is one such injectable that is used by cosmetologists to dissolve excess fat from the facial tissues of the patient.

As a deoxycholic acid, Kybella works by destroying the walls of cells that hold fat, especially in the chin region. Facials, on the other hand, are massage sessions that are meant to deep clean the skin and unclog the open pores. These massage sessions help in making the facial skin glow and shine.

How Long After Kybella Can I Get A Facial

How Long After Kybella Can I Get A Facial?

Kybella is one of the foremost beauty treatments used by cosmetologists around the world. As a minimally invasive procedure, the treatment does not require a lot of pre and post-care steps. However, there are certain canonical points that have to be kept in mind.

Minor effects of the Kybella treatment include pin-point bleeding, swelling near the injection site, pain, etc. Nonetheless, these adverse reactions subside within a couple of hours. The most significant part of the protocols applies to what the patient has to do when he or she returns home after the treatment.

Generally, the professional performing the procedure will inform the patient about the need to stay away from facials for some time after the treatment. This time period begins from the day the procedure is completed and continues for about 14 days afterward.

Most patients are then allowed to opt for facials. However, if there are complications that arise from the Kybella treatment, the patient in question may need to refrain from facial for some more time after the initial 2 weeks have been covered.

However, the possibility of such complications and delays is very unlikely. Most patients will successfully recover from the treatment within 14 days and can effectively return to their normal routines-including facial treatments, the application of makeup, and using mask treatments.

That being said, it is equally significant that the patient sticks strictly to the post-procedure protocols since any infringement on these norms may blotch the results of the Kybella treatment. It is imperative to discuss all possible complications and timelines with the cosmetologist performing the procedure.


In Summary:

Post-Procedure CircumstancesTime Period of Waiting
Normal14 days
ComplicatedMore than 14 days

Why Do I Have To Wait So Long After Kybella To Get A Facial?

By artificially digesting fat from certain regions of the patient’s face, a Kybella injection changes the look of the individual. Therefore, it is important to give the deoxycholic acid some time to settle into the tissue spaces and work on the fat cells.

Cosmetologists inject the Kybella concoction below the chin as this treatment is meant to annihilate double chin. However, it is important to not disturb this area. This is why doctors ask patients who are undergoing Kybella treatments to refrain from facials.

A facial involves the massaging of the face. This in itself can be extremely detrimental for the Kybella patient as it will put unnecessary pressure on the injection site. The push and pull from the facial will inevitably destabilize the site. During this time, the patient can use ice packs to soothe the region.

Inflammation in the area can also be caused by a facial. It can also lead to the development of infections. However, after 2 weeks most patients have sufficiently healed from the treatment and can undergo a facial if the pain and swelling in the region have subsided. It is then considered safe.


Other activities like strenuous exercises, laser treatments, etc. are also prohibited during the 2-week interim period. Try to avoid putting excess pressure over the area. Modification of one’s sleeping patterns may also be needed for a couple of days.

It is equally seminal to cognize that facials will again be off-limits after the next Kybella session. This is because it takes around 30 to 50 sessions on average to attain a noticeable outcome.


Kybella treatments help in reducing facial fat. These injections are designed to eliminate the fat-infused cells near the face and chin of the patient. They annihilate these cells to restore the lean look of the patient’s face. Each patient must follow the doctor’s specific orders before and after the procedure for optimal results.

The post-procedure protocol for a Kybella treatment includes refraining from facials and massages. Generally, the technician performing the procedure will inform the patient that facials are prohibited for him or her for at least 14 days after the procedure. In some cases, this period may also be extended.


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