How Long After Dysport Can I Get A Facial (And Why)?

How Long After Dysport Can I Get A Facial (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Fourteen Days

Dysport is a kind of anti-wrinkle treatment. It is a variety of botulinum toxins. This toxin is injected under the skin that helps in relaxing the muscles. It helps in preventing wrinkles near the eyebrows. We all love to look young and fit. But when we reach the age group of forty to fifty, we all discover that wrinkles are developing. But there are many treatments in the market.

With the help of this treatment, you can bid adieu to your irritating wrinkles. But in old age, it is also essentially necessary to remain fit as the process of aging starts. So we need to do regular workouts. Work out is the exercise performed to keep the body and mind fit and sound.

How Long After Dysport Can I Get A Facial

How Long After Dysport Can I Get A Facial?

You should also not apply any pressure on your face after Dysport treatment. This includes wiping down the sweats from your face or, during swimming wearing goggles. Also, it would help if you did not rub or massage the areas that have undergone treatment for at least four hours. These rules also apply to facials and saunas. But you can take showers and do other daily activities tension-free. After Dysport treatment, it is recommended that you should not lie down for at minimum four hours. The reason is that if you lie down, there will be a risk of pressure on your treated areas.

The pressure will be from the pillows, and also there will be a risk of accidentally rubbing your treated areas. After taking Dysport treatment, the result will start becoming noticeable within two to four hours, and the overall effect will be visible after fourteen days. It should be noted that the Dysport treatment is a quick method of preventing wrinkles and not a permanent solution.

EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Duration Of DysportOne hour
Facial After DysportFourteen Days

Dysport is not a very long process, and it is finished in one hour. It is not advised to do a facial immediately after Dysport. Medical experts recommend doing a facial after two weeks of Dysport.

Why Does It Take That Long After Dysport To Get A Facial?

It is not recommended to do a facial immediately after Dysport. It would be best to give some time for the Dysport injection to settle down and start showing its effect. If you still do facial after taking the injection immediately, the blood flow will increase a lot; if the blood flows in your body increases, the proteins of the neurotoxin serum will start metabolizing rapidly. This will hamper your skin tightening result, for which you spent so many bucks to do the Dysport treatment. When you do facial, the blood pressure in the facial part temporarily rises.

Improvements and healing process varies from person to person. Some people may find it within a couple of days, whereas most people experience it in two to three weeks. It is always necessary to take the required precautions to protect the treated area from getting a burn. In unavoidable situations, those burns can be resolved without any long-term effects. It would be best to do further facial treatments after proper spacing to avoid irritation in your skin. Due to its sensitive nature, it gets reacted to chemicals used in facial treatment rapidly.


It takes that long after Dysport to get a facial because the face needs an ample amount of time to rest and recover. The skin should be treated gently, and hot water should be avoided for a day. Allow those dark spots to flake off naturally by themselves.


Finally, it can be concluded that Dysport is regarded as a famous beauty essential for millennials. Nowadays, everyone wants to look brighter and healthier. Everyone also wants to hide their actual age and look younger. That’s why we all do daily workouts, and also we are inclined towards taking Dysport treatment.

On average, facial is prohibited for two weeks after Dysport. Nowadays, Dysport is more of a fashion essential than a medical requirement. But actually, Dysport was first approved in Europe for severe medical conditions. It was obtained as a remedy for dystonia. Today, Dysport is safe and does not trigger any significant side effects.


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