How Long After Kyleena is Inserted is it Effective (And why)?

How Long After Kyleena is Inserted is it Effective (And why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

With the development of medical science and rapid growth in pharmaceuticals company today, every kind of medicine is practiced and can save lives.

Similarly, many companies sell birth control that is to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. They can be mechanical, medicinal, and even thin diaphragms.

Medicine inserted in the cervix opening like Kyleena is found to be very effective that can prevent any pregnancy or acts as a barrier between the egg and the sperm.

Kyleena is a medicine or a birth control method categorized as an IUD intrauterine device that is a machinal extension of the birth control used to control pregnancy.

How Long After Kyleena is Inserted is it Effective

How Long After Kyleena is Inserted is it Effective?

There are ways to prevent pregnancy; pregnancy occurs when the women start ovulating as the egg releases into the uterus—the chance of the sperms fusing with the egg increases causing the process of fertilization.

Therefore, Kyleena is thus used at the starting of the menstrual cycle that can take seven days to start to work; therefore, till that time, it is essential to use the standard birth control methods to avoid pregnancy.

It should be noted that these birth control methods are suitable during the start of the menstrual cycle, as that is when pregnancy starts.

It starts with the insertion of the Kyleena in the uterine walls that releases specific hormones progastrin in the uterus that slows or completely repunishes the pregnancy. The hormone progestin thickens the uterus walls that do not allow the sperm to reach the egg and kills it.

The hormone that the tube contains is released rapidly and slowly in the uterus over the years. Each year, the hormone gradually decreases, making the periods small and shorter, so egg releases are minimal.

The Kyleena should be inserted within the start of the period or any time after abortion if it’s placed before or beyond that. The Kyleena might not work and may cause pregnancy if the person is unaware.

A trained medical professional should place the Kyleena to avoid pains and hassles.

Age GroupTime
18-257 to 10 days
25-4515 days
45 plus20 days

Why does Kyleena Take so Long to be Effective?

There are no alternative ways to increase the effect of Kyleena on the body and increase the pace in which it makes a barrier between the sperm and the egg the only way in which Kyleena can take different time to react to the body that is the age group.

The Kyleena can take fewer days in the women with a small age group as the body is young and can adapt to changes faster because the hormones are reactive, and the body can absorb them more quickly.

But as the age group increases, the time for the Kyleena to react as with the age group, the body can take more time to absorb the hormones and adapt to the changes.

The advantage of using Kyleena is that once inserted, it can be used for up to 5 years as the hormones or the medicine in that get on release, and the process can be reversed as the tube can be easily removed and the hormones stop releasing.


Many discomforts can be caused while using Kyleena: irritation and itching in the uterus and constant headaches as the body takes a lot of time to adapt and introduce new material can be frustrating.

After the insertion of the Kyleena, the periods may also get irregular during the 1st three initial months. After that, the periods may get irregular with heavy bleeding, but the body may get used to the hormone after a few months, and the periods get regular.


Today, there are many new birth control methods. The most reliable and adapted ones are machinal with a 99.8 percent accuracy and are better than standard methods but are adjusted by those who want strict birth control.

The Kyleena is one of those methods inserted in the cervix and can change the hormonal composition and cause the thickening in the uterus. As a result, the period becomes a lot lighter that ultimately stops the release of an egg.

But when the body adjusts to the new hormone, it can take time and cause constant headaches and pain in the uterus.




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