How Long After Root Canal Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Hours

It is believed by a lot of people that the body is a temple and the soul living inside is the deity. Regardless of religion, every people try to keep the deity happy and the temple safe. But the current improvements of medical science, it has become a lot easier for people to take care of their bodies and health. A person in a good health is always cheerful and happy.

Like all other parts of the body, teeth are also an important part that helps in the breaking down of food. Sometimes it may suffer from a lot of problems like cavities and other types of infections. To avoid such circumstances, many prefer root canal surgery. The root canal leaves the mouth numb and it is a bit painful. The doctor advises avoiding eating at least 3 hours after a root canal.

How Long After Root Canal Can I Eat

How Long After Root Canal Can I Eat?

Crunchy And Hard FoodBefore Root Canal
Soft Food And JuiceAfter Root Canal

It is after 3 hours after a root canal surgery that a person can eat. The mentioned time may differ but the 3 hour period is a minimum. The numbness is mainly due to the anesthesia to reduce the pain. After the effects of the anesthesia wear off, the person experiences a little bit of pain where the surgery is performed. But within a couple of days, it gradually reduces, but still, the person might have a problem eating food that needs a lot of chewing.

The tooth is a place where the bacteria attacks frequently due to the place where it is present. The mouth is a wet and warm place that is ideal for any kind of bacteria. And if people do not properly brush or rinse their mouth after eating, the problems may accelerate. The root canal is done to clean the teeth from any kind of bacteria. The bacteria are eliminated from the root canal through the surgery.

Root Canal

It is done to save the infected teeth from reinfection and in the process, it saves the original tooth. During a root canal surgery, the pulp that is infected is removed. And then the infected tooth is disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and again filled and sealed into its original place. The surgery can be completed with just a couple of appointments with the doctor and there is no need to be afraid.

A decade back, the surgeries used to be a lot painful, but now the pain has reduced a lot due to advanced tools. Root canal surgeries have almost become painless but there are a certain number of protocols that are needed to be followed by a person after getting a root canal.

Why Does It Take Long To Eat Food After A Root Canal?

The 3 hour period is not a long amount of time. In fact, in those three hours, the person will be completely numb in his or her mouth. As the new teeth have been placed after a certain, the doctor says not to have anything heavy as it may cause a problem for the new teeth. The person has to continue having soft food which is easy to chew for a few days. It will be better to have soup in that period.

As such there will be no pain, but while chewing the person may feel a bit of pain. Pressurizing the teeth is strictly prohibited. If the person suffers from pain, painkillers should be kept at the side. The doctor should be consulted in this regard whether to have it or not. After a root canal surgery, it is better to quit smoking as it may affect the teeth. Any problem with the teeth may result in a problem to chew food.

Eat Food

During the numb phase, the person should avoid biting anything, as he or she will bite the inside of the cheeks and feel the pain later. Until there is a crown, eating hard food should be avoided at all costs. To reduce the numbness, the person can apply an ice pack on the side on which the surgery is done as there may be swellings. Gurgling with salt and lukewarm water may help in reducing the pain.


A root canal surgery is needed only when there is a genetic problem or there is a cavity in the teeth, a cracked tooth, or if there is a mishap made during a previous surgery. There are a lot of symptoms that give a signal o have root canal surgery. Those symptoms are when a person suffers from pimples on the gums, too much sensitivity to hot or cold sensations, tender or swollen gums, etc.

It is better to have highly nutritious food and is easy to eat. For example, frozen yogurt, pasta, banana, pudding, fruit juice, soft vegetables, smash potatoes, custard, etc. At the end of the day, it is important to consult a doctor and ask him to make a prescription and a food chart that will speed up the recovery.



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