How Long After Lip Injections Can I Kiss (And Why)?

How Long After Lip Injections Can I Kiss (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

Lip injections are taken by most females of our society and they are done so that because some of these injections fall under facial treatment. Lip injections have become quite popular these days and more and more people are opting for this kind of treatment so that they look just the way they want to look.

However, there are some safety protocols that you need to follow once you have had a lip injection. You cannot rub or massage your lips for at least a day and definitely, you should not kiss once you have had the injection.

How Long After Lip Injections Can I Kiss

How Long After Lip Injection To Kiss?

Kissing and massaging after lip injectionMust be avoided for at least 24 hours
To prevent your lips from getting swollenYou can use ice packs on your lips and make sure your drink plenty of water.

Soon after taking lip injections, your lip can get swollen up and to prevent getting swollen up you must follow some of the basic steps.  Things like drinking plenty of water, putting an ice pack on your lips, avoiding rubbing, massaging, and kissing for 24 hours, avoiding excessive salt for 24 hours can prevent your lips from getting swollen up.

You should also know that there are no certain restrictions about the food that you will consume after a lip injection. However, on the first day of your lip injection, you should try to chew as little as possible and try to consume liquid food items.

Foods like yogurt, boiled eggs, milk, and other such types of soft textured foods will be beneficial for you. You should not frequently wipe your lips which may disturb the injection site and could lead to some kind of complication.

Lip Injection

You should also avoid vitamin E supplements for a while in case you are taking those because this can increase the risk of bruising. It is best not to take for a couple of days and when everything comes back to normal you can start taking them only after your doctor recommends you to do so.

Why Does It Take That Long After Lip Injection To Kiss?

Your body or rather say your lip will be in its healing process and the process is something that does not happen rapidly. You need to give it some time so that things start to become normal and you do not face any kind of complication at the injection site.

You should avoid the above-mentioned things for at least 24 hours which includes kissing and massaging the injected area. Your doctor will recommend you other things too like the do’s and don’ts after you had a lip injection.

You should consume foods that are easier to eat and that can be swallowed easily for at least a couple of days so that there is no chance of bruising happening. In case, it is your first lip filler injection then it is mandatory for you to avoid kissing and massaging.

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While brushing and washing your face you should do it gently and slowly. Do not rub harshly while you are washing your face and your mouth. The injection site could get swollen up which is something that you should try to avoid.

There could be some side effects of lip filler injections. However, if the practitioner is an expert in the field then there is less chance that you will have to suffer from some side effects. There would be no long-term adverse side effects if the whole procedure is done correctly.


In the end, you want the whole procedure to be done carefully because there will be side effects if the procedure is not done carefully. There could be things like bleeding, bruising, swelling, and tenderness happening on the injected site.

However, you should also know that these symptoms will stop after a day or two after the initial treatment. Make sure you follow all the warnings and precautions that your practitioner or the doctor has recommended you to do.

If everything has been done properly and carefully then there is nothing that you should be worried about. You just need to follow some simple steps for a day or two and then you can kiss but, you should not do that for at least a couple of days more because your lips could be still healing.


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  1. The precautions may seem strict, but it’s because the health of your lips is very important. Better safe than sorry.

  2. I didn’t know that it would be swollen and that you had to be careful with certain foods, thank you for the information

  3. So after a couple of days it’s safe to kiss? I think I’d want to wait a little longer just to be sure.

  4. It’s best to follow these precautions, health should come first. You can kiss after a day but it’s probably best to wait a little longer just in case.

  5. These are amazing tips after a lip injection, it’s important to take care of yourself. It’s a shame you can’t kiss for a day, but it’s worth it to avoid any complications.

    1. Totally agree, the precautions are necessary, especially if you want the best result after the lip injection

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