How Long Do Lip Injections Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 months

Lip injection is a very nice way to make your lip look plumper. The lip injections are great for making your lips look smoother. The effects of lip injection would not last for more than 6 months. There are many types of injection available depending on the requirement.

The lasting period of lip injections would vary for the type of lip injection someone chooses. The main intention to use lip injection is to help the lips look bigger. People who have small lips would require lip injection. People who are above 30 years would lose the collagen and fat content from their lips with time.

This makes their lips look very thin. The lip injection would help in substituting the amount of fat that people lose with time. The lip injection would help in making the lips look much defined and the edges of the lips would look more enhanced.

How Long Do Lip Injections Last


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How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

Lip InjectionsTime
In months6 months
In weeks24 weeks

Everyone should understand their preferences before choosing or selecting the type of lip injections. Sometimes, the lip injection may cause some type of allergic reaction that would be hard to recover. The hyaluronic acid fillers are great for people who want to get plumper lips without getting allergic reactions.

The hyaluronic filler is prepared using some bacteria which would make the lips look thick. The gel-like substance would connect itself to the water molecules found inside the lips. The fillers would take some time to get absorbed by the lips. Then the fillers can be curated to give the exact lip shape, the person wants to give.

The fillers can easily be thickened if someone wants to make their lips thicker. The Juvederm is one of the best brands available for hyaluronic lip injection. The most interesting part about this brand is that it will not cause any type of reaction. The people would get a very natural lip look that would last more than 4 months and less than 6 months.

The lasting time of the collagen lip injection variant would be around 3 months. The lasting time of the Volbella lip injection variant would be around one year. Everyone can choose their preference after learning about their lasting time.  People will be able to repeat the lip injection after the effects of the first one are complete.

Just make sure to talk with the expert or doctor about the repeat lip injection. If any person observes severe lip injection allergic reactions, then the person is supposed to inform the doctor at the earliest.

Why Do Lip Injections Last For This Long?

The lip injection lasting time would depend on which type of injection the person takes for what purpose. The person taking a lot of repeated dosage of the lip injection would see long-lasting effects of the injection. The person should also be aware of all the risks associated with the lip injection.

Sometimes, the lip injection may cause the formation of granuloma due to lip injection. The lip injection should be injected in the correct part of the lips to avoid the formation of lumps. A blocked blood vessel is a very common allergic reaction found after someone reacts to the lip injection.

People suffering from blocked blood vessels would see the blood flow is restricted to the specific part or lips. All these lips reactions may affect or damage the lip tissues which can be very bad for the health of the person. The person is supposed to inform the professional about any inflammation or swelling happening to the lip tissues for a long time.


The lasting period of lip injection would not be more than 6 months depending on how the person takes care of the lip. The lip tissues of all persons would not be the same. Therefore, the lip injection would be different for everyone depending on their concerns.

Everyone should choose the correct lip injection with very few side effects. Minor swelling or inflammation is very common after the lip injection procedure is over. Some people may observe red spots around the injected area for a few days.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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