How Long After Mosquito Bite Does Malaria Infection Come (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 7 to 10 days

Mosquito is a disease that has taken away millions of lives. It is mainly caused due to a bite from either a female Anopheles mosquito or an infected one. They act as the carrier of the Parasite Plasmodium which is transmitted by the mosquito’s bite from its saliva to the blood of the person. After entering into the blood, these parasites travel far and wide across the body and attack the liver. Within the liver, they live, mature, and multiply to more parasites.

These increased numbers of parasites now are again freed into the blood, where they attack the RBCs of the blood, thereby infecting them with their influence. These infected RBCs now start producing more parasites which continue to attack more RBCs thereby leading to a lack of them in the body.

How Long After Mosquito Bite Does Malaria


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How Long After Mosquito Bite Does Malaria?

Minimum Time7 days
Maximum Time15 days

Malaria is basically found in countries located in tropical zones. It is even found in subtropical zones where parasites can easily reside and breed. In other countries, this is transmitted from people who had traveled to tropical and subtropical areas into people residing there as natives. There are four types of Parasite Plasmodium. Plasmodium Falciparum leads to congenital malaria which is quite more dangerous and perilous than malaria and even has more fatality.

Plasmodium Malaria is the one that is responsible for malaria. It is either caused by a bite from an infected mosquito. Apart from these, it is even caused due to the transplantation of an organ from an infected person. It may even be caused due to transfusion of blood from the infected individual. Sharing of needles and other instruments may even lead to the spreading of malaria. The incubation period of the Parasite varies between 7 days to 3 weeks.

Mosquito Bite

Sometimes, the parasites start infecting and affecting the body right after entering it. But, in some cases, they initially remain dormant for a certain time after which they start affecting the body. The most common symptoms of malaria include headache, high and frequent fever accompanied by chills, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and muscles, presence of blood in stools, and diarrhea. In more severe cases, coma and fatality are even common.

The doctor identifies malaria from the enlargement of the spleen and other organs like the liver. These are the first organs that get affected once any harmful microbes enter the body. They first try to fight with the microbe. On being defeated, they show such abnormality symptoms.

Why Does Malaria Occur So Long After Mosquito Bite?

Apart from these signs, if the person experiences or witnesses any signs of malaria, then the doctor would carry out other medical tests to know if malaria really persists in the body of the person. Once confirmed, the doctor even carries out further tests to know the type of malaria affecting the patient and the cause of malaria. In these tests, the drugs which should be administered to the patient are even known and it is even checked whether this disease has affected many other major organs or not.

Sometimes, malaria can lead to other complications which have the potential to lead to death. It may affect the blood vessels of the brain thereby leading to their swelling. It may even affect the lungs thereby causing breathing problems. Sometimes, it even causes the excess fatality of RBCs in the body. Anemia, caused due to lack of RBCs, is even caused due to bacteria. Lowering of blood sugar and blood pressure is even noticed in some cases. Hence, it is advised to go to the doctor at the earliest symptoms lest these minor symptoms may grow to be fatal.

Mosquito Bite

Malaria is treated with the help of medicines and drugs prescribed by the doctor. In some situations, the parasite becomes advanced and resistant enough to fight the drug prescribed by the doctor. In such cases, the person may experience little or no relief from the symptoms and may have to consult the doctor again. Sometimes, the parasites reside within the liver and hence, there are chances of relapsing of the symptoms after some time. Hence, one should take the full course of medication prescribed by the doctor and even consult the doctor regularly.

Persons who are affected with malaria at least once in their lifetime gain the immunity to fight against the disease. But, sometimes complications may lead to damage of the liver and brain. In such cases, the immunity received as a result of infection is not much effective.


Malaria has become a common deadly disease. No vaccines have been made to prevent this disease. It is only proper precautions regarding hygiene that can prevent malaria. One should try to keep the surrounding environment as clean as possible. Drains and sewage should be properly closed.

The use of mosquito nets is necessary. One should keep the environment clean so that mosquitos should not breed in the area surrounding the house. However, if breeding if mosquitos occur, then one should use mosquito repellents as they can prove beneficial to stop malaria. One should even take malaria pills regularly and should consult the doctor right after witnessing the earliest symptoms.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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