How Long After Mosquito Bite Dengue (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Four Days

Dengue is a type of fever caused by mosquito bites; therefore, it falls under mosquito-borne tropical disease. The dengue virus causes this fever. This virus is spread by the female mosquitos known as female anopheles. However, this disease doesn’t spread from person to person, so it is not contagious.

Currently. a vaccine for dengue is available, and it is present in all world countries. If a person is diagnosed with dengue, they are given medicines that help them recover from the virus. Every year, more than four hundred million cases of dengue are registered worldwide. It is one of the leading diseases in terms of the number of deaths per year.

How Long After Mosquito Bite Dengue

How Long After Mosquito Bite Dengue?

The first instances of individuals getting infected from dengue date back to somewhere in the 3rd century when people thought that the water poisoned them. However, later it was revealed that it was not the water causing the disease but the mosquitoes near the water sources. But it was late in the 17th century that the vector that causes dengue started spreading like wildfire. The spread originated from Africa. There were many instances of epidemics from the 17th century. In 1779 and 1780, epidemics spread all around, and they kept recurring till the 1940s.

In 1906, it was identified that not all mosquitos are responsible for causing dengue; instead, only female anopheles is the one that can carry the vector that causes dengue. In 1907, it was identified that a virus causes the disease, and dengue became the second disease to spread because of the virus. The spread of the virus was also rapid in the first world war. But, in the second world war, dengue cases started increasing rapidly because all the major nuclear powers were involved in the war, and there was financial instability in the health sector.

Mosquito Bite
Events After Mosquito BiteDuration Of The Events
Symptoms of dengueThree to four days
Recovery from dengueTen to twelve days

After the mosquito bite, the person feels standard for a few days. Symptoms start to occur from the third or fourth day. It is crucial to get yourself checked by a medical professional. If a person is diagnosed with dengue, it takes ten to twelve days to recover from the disease.

Why Does It Take That Long for Dengue After Mosquito Bite?

The World Health Organization classified dengue into two types in 2009. The first division was termed as uncomplicated in which the patients don’t feel heavy symptoms and recover in the home. The other division is known as severe, in which the patient feels very much uncomfortable and is hospitalized for further treatment. The disease can be prevented by getting vaccinated and taking necessary precautions. Individuals must prevent going into places where there many mosquitos. We should also ensure that pollution is under control as it will help protect ourselves from getting infected.

Multiple symptoms are observed in the person who gets infected by the virus. The most common symptoms include high fever and headaches. Other symptoms that are most frequent in patients are vomiting and muscle pain. Some patients also complain of skin rash and joint pains. The platelet count starts to decrease in the patient very rapidly after getting infected by the virus.

Mosquito Bite

It takes that long after the mosquito bite to get infected by dengue because as soon as the virus enters the body, the immune system observes that this virus is harmful and starts fighting with the disease. It is normal to feel a bit of weakness after getting infected. When the immune system cannot control the flow of the virus, it starts to multiply rapidly. In such cases, the patient gets infected, and medical guidance is required.


Finally, it can be concluded that dengue is one of the most harmful diseases in the world. The bite of a mosquito causes the disease. The disease was first observed in the 3rd century, and multiple epidemics were caused in the 17th century. In 1906, female anopheles was identified as the carrier of the vector. In 1907, it was identified as a viral disease.

On average, it takes three to four days after the mosquito bite for the symptoms to show up. Usual symptoms include high fever and headaches. Individuals can also take vaccines to keep themselves protected by the virus. In case of any medical emergency, it is crucial to seek a doctor.


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