How Long After Neutering Can A Dog Play (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 days

Neutering is very much essential for dogs as it can prevent dogs from various types of diseases, and also helps to control unwanted behaviors. This treatment is considered much easier than the spaying process. Vets provide anesthesia to dogs initially, then proceed with making an incision in the scrotum. Extra care is required during Neutering and should be performed only by expert vets.

There are numerous worthy reasons to neuter dogs. It is also useful as it makes the dog’s life longer.  Though neutering is categorized as minor surgery, it takes time to recover. A proper schedule and the right amount of food should be fixed for faster recovery.

How Long After Neutering Can A Dog Play

How Long After Neutering Can A Dog Play?

Neutering and spaying of dogs are considered invasive procedures which take time to recover. Vets often instruct to avoid any type of activity such as playing, running, or other physical activities for at least 2 days after the treatment to recover as soon as possible. It is very much worth neutering the dog between the periods of six to nine months. But, most owners prefer to complete it in four months.

This range of period depends on the type of breed as larger breeds have to wait longer than puppies as they require time to develop properly. After 48 hours, you can take your dogs to the garden or parks and limit their activities for few more days. As the recovery rate varies for every dog, few breeds require more than 48 hours to get recover. It is recommended to visit your vet after 2 or 3 days to obtain the appropriate status of recovery rate.

When the physical activities of a dog are limited, the healing process tends to act quicker. It would be good if you keep them in a small room where it is not possible to over-exert them and never forget to monitor them for at least 3 days. The room should be quiet and dim as far as possible during the recovery period.

Make sure to place your dog in a very comfortable bed and suitable temperature as it may feel stressed and disoriented during this period. Usually, the effect of anesthesia completes in 24 hours.

BreedsDays to recover
Puppies2 days
Larger breed (Male)1 week
Larger breed (Female)7 to 10 days

Why Does It Take That Long For A Dog To Play After Neutering?

It is strictly prohibited for the dogs to involve in physical activities like jumping, running, and playing after the surgery as it leads to inflammation at the particular site. There are also chances of tearing their stitches and injure themselves unknowingly. After the recovery period of 48 hours, make them do few light exercises to get well soon. Male dogs recover and return to the usual schedule soon when compared with female dogs.

Usually, after two weeks, they would return to their normal schedule and could involve in all types of physical activities. In the case of female dogs, the surgery which takes place in the abdomen is considered one of the major procedures. Never leave your dog alone in this recovery period.

According to the study, chewing is the best exercise that can be done to heal sooner as it keeps the dog occupied. While the chewing process, the brain receives a hormone called endorphins which helps to relax and feel calm. Visit your vet twice after 3 days for a check-up to proceed with further activities. Schedule the first and second visit after 3 days and 10 days of surgery respectively.  Try to provide rest to your dog as far as possible.

Dog To Play

Even after neutering, few male dogs do not show any change in their regular activity. Generally, larger breed and older dogs undergo a longer recovery process. In the process of spaying, it takes around 3 to 4 days to return to regular activity and in the case of spaying, it takes nearly 2 days to recover.


Keep an eye on your dog for few weeks to notify vets about the infection at the injected site. Your dogs may also experience other side effects after few days of recovery. Try to offer a little water, after discharging from the hospital as your dog may behave aggressively and feel vomiting.

If your dog has not returned to normal after few days, visit your vet immediately. After the surgery, it is necessary to keep your dog away from other pets in your home. Maintain the medication provided by the vet for a speedy recovery. Usually, vets prescribe few antibiotics and other regular pain killers.


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