How Long After Nipple Piercing Can I Swim (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 hours

Piercing is one of the common traditions followed in this modern era. A small hole is made in the required site of the body, to place any type of jewelry.

Piercing that is fresh needs extra care, as the inserted site must be dry for certain days. In the case of nipple piercing, the ring or stud is placed near the base of the nipple.

It is necessary to verify properly before undergoing the piercing process as your body may get allergenic to the new jewelry or technique. You may feel pain and other side effects for few days.

If you want to swim, keep the wound sterile and clean.

How Long After Nipple Piercing Can I Swim

How Long After Nipple Piercing Can I Swim?

Swimming should be avoided at least for 24 to 48 hours depending upon your comfort after having a nipple piercing. If it is not necessary to swim immediately, wait until it is healed completely.

As the risk of infection is high, the nipple piercing site should be kept completely dry. However, your piercer will recommend you avoid any kind of nipple play during the healing period.

It will be worth waiting until your body develops enough fistulas. Nipple piercing has its risks which vary according to the skin of people.

nipple piercing

Piercing in the nipple will take a longer time to recover when compared with other pierced areas.

You will experience a little pain while nipple piercing. Initially, during the first week, it will be sore or you may also have expertise in itching, swelling, or any kind of discharge from the site.

Due to thin skin, bleeding is the common side effect of piercing.

Try to keep the site clean and dry as far as possible. If the bleeding continues even after 7 to 8 days of piercing, consult an expert or your respective piercer to avoid other risks.

You may feel irritation at the wound. If you opt for swimming after nipple piercing, clean it immediately.

Once the nipple is pierced, even during the recovery period the stud provided should not be removed or changed until it is completely healed. You can replace it with a new one after the recovery period.

nipple piercing 1

During the initial phase, the soaking bath should be completely avoided.

Different types of piercingRecovery period
Ear piercing1 to 2 months
Nipple piercing9 to12 months
Belly piercing12 months

Why Does It Take That Long To Swim After Nipple Piercing?

You should take maximum care of your nipple for a couple of weeks after piercing. After piercing, when it comes in contact with air or with other objects, there are high risks of bacterial infections.

You may feel irritation when the fresh piercing is susceptible to both the unchlorinated or chlorinated water. All the piercing including easily breaks the integrity of the skin leads to infection.

But nipple piercing should be taken extra care of as the tissues are much delicate and adjacent to few blood vessels.

As per NHs.UK, even lake and hot water could lead to infection. Few times in case of improper care, it can even cause disability or death as it is hard to dry the hole of the piercing.

girl swimming

If the water of the pool is dirty, it would be difficult to get rid of the infection. As the compounds of salt react with metals easily, seawater also has a negative impact on the site.

Until consulting the doctor, avoid any type of medications for bleeding during the first week of piercing, as it contains few drugs which could react adversely.

It may increase the bleeding by making the piercing harder. Avoid using soap or shampoo during recovery.

Before proceeding for nipple piercing, your nipple will be cleaned with alcohol and the piercer will mark on any side of the nipple to pierce the jewel in the right position. Do not touch the nipples unless necessary.


Most people who underwent nipple piercing stated that you may expertise more pain for a couple of minutes, as the tissues of the nipple are too delicate. Your respective piercer will inform you about the positive and negative effects before proceeding further and will give proper instructions to take care of it.

Don’t neglect the instructions as they are very much important to recover soon. If the wound does not heal after a long time, consult any professional.

Nipple piercing can give a better look if proper care has been taken. Try to keep the site away from bacteria as far as possible.


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