How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal (And Why)?

How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 months

The haling time for nose piercing would similar to ear piercing. Post nose piercing recovery would take 5 to 6 months. There are some factors that influence the healing time of nose piercing. These are the location, the type of jewelry, and the way it is taken care of. Not everyone is going to have a similar recovery time, as the piercing location would be different.

To have a faster healing process, the person is required to take care of the location. An expert in this piercing field would suggest what all are required to be done.

How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal

How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal?

Types Of Nose Piercing How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal
Nostril piercingUp to 6 months
Septum piercingUp to 3 months
Rhino piercingUp to 9 months
Bridge piercingUp to 3 months

There are 3 stages in the healing process for nose piercing. Everyone should follow all the instructions by the professional to have a speedy healing period. The stages of the healing process of nose piercing include:

Stage 1- In this stage, the body would start healing the wound (from where the jewelry entered). In this acceptance (inflammatory) stage, the new tissue would replace the pierced tissues. The people will observe some blood clotting around the holes (pierced). At this stage, the white blood cells would help in restoring the tissues (and skin) by taking the help of collagen.

The inflammation would happen around the pierced holes. This is the sign that tissue is trying to reject the piercing. This may happen as your body will take time to accept the foreign object (jewelry). Therefore, the healing process would be time taking and different for the nose piercing.

Pain, bleeding, and swelling are very common signs to be observed in this stage. Many people will observe tenderness, but it would heal with time.

Stage 2- The second stage comes when the swelling starts to reduce. It would take a few months or weeks to get over the redness and swelling. The signs would not entirely vanish but would start getting invisible. The tenderness comes when any trauma or damage happens to the tissues. The person may notice some discharge.

In this stage, the discharge would stop slowly. If the pain and discharge will not stop in a few weeks or months, then the person should inform the professional.

Stage 3- This is the final stage of healing for nose piercing. This maturation stage would come when the wound is fully healed. In this stage, the person would be able to take out the jewelry (or switch) comfortably without any pain. Once the wound is fully healed, no one should keep the holes empty, as they may close quickly.

Some holes may get closed in one day. Therefore it’s necessary to switch the jewelry or wear it before a day.

Why Does It Take This Long For A Nose Piercing To Heal?

The piercing healing time would vary for different types of piercing. There are many types of piercing such as:

Nostril piercing

Septum piercing

Rhino piercing

Bridge piercing

Nasallang piercing

For example, the time of healing for nostril piercing would be around 6 months and for septum, it would be 3 months. The healing process takes some time as there are many stages involved. All the stages include the various internal processes of your body to heal the wounds.

The healing process of the wounds would not take the same time for each stage as some people may see blood clots for a longer time as compared to others. The healing process in the presence of a foreign object (jewelry) would be different from the normal healing process of wounds. All these differences would increase or decrease the healing process for nose piercing.


The pairing holes can be healed people by taking proper care of them. Maintaining hygiene is vital and avoids touching the holes repeatedly. Use warm water to rinse the piercing holes twice a day.


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