How Long After Surgery Can You Have Sex (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 6 Weeks

Surgeries are more common these days. After undergoing surgery, the doctors advise the patients to avoid doing heavy physical activities like exercising, running, driving, and so on. Taking rest for at least 6 weeks after surgery helps one to get better soon.

The recovery time after any surgery depends on the type of surgery and the place where the surgery was done on the body. Some surgeries may even take longer than a month to recover fully. For example, if there is major surgery on your leg you will not be able to walk without support for months but you will be able to do some other physical activities.

How Long After Surgery Can You Have

How Long After Surgery Can You Have Sex?

TypeRecovery Time
Minor surgeriesWithin a week
Major surgeriesWithin 6 weeks

Having sex after any surgery is the patient’s wish. You may not have fully recovered but you can involve in little sexual activities. If a major surgery had taken place, doctors would advise not to have intercourse for at least 6 weeks. At the same time, if you feel that you are ready to handle sex, that is, you do not feel much pain in the operated area, you can go for it.

Following proper diets after any surgery will help in faster recovery. Some people may not be able to handle the pain after surgery. So they should wait for the wound to heal completely. Doing heavy exercises or other physical activities after surgery will lead to dangerous health conditions. The stitches in your body may come off and you will require treatment and operation again. Doctors advise you to wait mainly for this reason.


Especially when you had sterilization procedures you must not have sex for at least a week. If you do so, the procedure will be a failure. The recovery time after surgery might vary from patient to patient. Some are healthy from the start and will not get affected by surgeries whereas some people are weak and might get infections or side effects after surgery. Such people should wait a long time for their bodies to heal. Your medical advisor will help you in fast recovery by providing you the dos and don’ts after the surgery. Following these instructions will help you with faster recovery.

Why Should I Wait For 6 Weeks After A Surgery To Have Sex?

During the recovery time from a surgery, it is very natural for the sex drives in a patient to return. Controlling those feelings until one has recovered completely is not easy. To overcome this one should concentrate on recovering faster by following the doctor’s advice properly. Let us consider an example where a person has had surgery on his spine. He should be very careful about his sleeping position.

The operated area should not be disturbed or injured. He can have sex within one week as long as he does not feel the pain while doing heavy or sudden movements. He should make sure that his back is not pushed hard against the bed while having sex or while sleeping. He obviously should also avoid driving and doing exercises as it is injurious to his health. In order for him to recover faster, he should follow these while sleeping or having sex, have proper medications and be under proper diet for at least a month.


This will help him recover faster. This is the same for all types of surgeries except that the recovery time may vary. The recovery time after any surgery is a must so that any other complications do not arise in the patient’s body. Going back to day-to-day life after any surgery will take longer than expected in some cases. One should not lose patience and do something that might harm his/her body. The damaged cells will take time to recover and one should learn to wait to achieve better results.


Therefore it is clear that the recovery time after surgery is dependent upon the area of surgery in the body and the type of surgery. Modern medical techniques provide us with less invasive and more invasive surgical procedures which gives you the same results but with a shorter recovery time.

Choose the best treatment that you will be comfortable with and also based on your budget. Minor surgeries do not require too much rest and you can return to your daily life within 2 or 3 days. But for major surgeries, you will have to wait for at least a month to return to your normal life.


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