How Long After Tibia Surgery Can I Walk (And Why)?

How Long After Tibia Surgery Can I Walk (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Weeks

Medical advancement has been top of the charts since the start of the 21st century. Leaving a few, almost every disease can be cured or prevented from happening. A few decades back polio shook the world as the number of cases kept on increasing. But today most countries have successfully eradicated polio with the help of medical advancements. People live longer and stay healthy for longer.

The talking point in medical advancement is performing surgery. To make a patient better, it is important to have surgery in many cases. But a person cannot be better just after surgery, he or she needs proper rest. Tibia surgery is one example. Even after the surgery is performed, it can take up to 12 weeks before a person can finally walk.

How Long After Tibia Surgery Can I Walk

How Long After Tibia Surgery Can I Walk?

Tibia Surgery (Young People)12 Weeks
Tibia Surgery (Old People)> 12 Weeks

The minimum time required for a person to finally walk after a tibia surgery is 12 weeks. But sometimes it can be a little more than that. Tibia surgery is a hard surgery that can take hours to perform. Any kind of surgery puts strain on the body. So it is suggested to get proper rest and avoid any kind of work that violates the recovery. Young people have better immunity and can have a steady recovery.

Tibia is the bone that connects the knee with the ankle bone. It is also called the shinbone or shank bone. It is located just below the femur. Tibia is the second strongest bone in the body and it helps in standing properly. The tibia surgery is performed when there is a crack or fracture in the tibia. Tibia is the bone that is commonly fractured. Being the second strongest force it requires a lot of strength for the tibia to break.

The 12 weeks period is the initial stage of healing. It is advised by the doctor to have complete bed rest during this period. After 12 weeks, the person can finally work, but the healing has not been complete yet. The legs will not be ready to bear heavy workouts. It takes another 4 to 6 weeks before the person can finally be declared fit. After the first 12 weeks, the person should use braces for walking.

A tibia shaft fracture occurs when it cracks or gets broken. This mainly happens due to accidents on the ride while riding a motorbike, playing on the ground, or falling from high ground.

Why Does It Take Long To Walk After A Tibia Surgery?

Just as the saying goes, “Patience is the only way to achieve nirvana”, it is also the same in this situation. It takes time for something good to happen. As mentioned above, the bare minimum is 12 weeks for a person to get back to his or her feet after a tibia surgery. Being able to work does not mean being fully fit. Proper care is required before the doctor gives the fit certificate.

The tibia shaft fractures can differ based on the injuries. The first is the transverse fracture in which a horizontal crack appears along the tibia. The second one is an oblique fracture. the break is in an oblique angle. The next one is the spiral fracture. In this situation, the tibia is mainly injured due to twisting forces and leaves crack lines in a series. The next one is the most common in people who have a profession that requires them to fight.

In case of a comminuted fracture, the tibia breaks into several pieces. The last one is called an open fracture. In this situation, the bone gets fractured in such a way that the fragments of the tibia penetrate through the skin, or a wound sticks into the broken bone. When an open fracture occurs, not only the tibia but surrounding bones, muscles, and tissues also get affected and injured.

Due to the large-scale damages that occur in case of an open fracture, the time is taken to heal in this situation also increases. In the case of broken bones, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet that contains a lot of calcium. Pressurizing the body or any bad habits should be strictly avoided.


Breaking a bone in the body and experiencing a lot of pain and finally getting operated on and slowly recovering, is something that many people have experienced. It is important to keep a clear mind in these situations. Tibia fractures mainly happen to people who are related to sports. Soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts, etc all require the use of legs and with a little mistake, the bones can break.

The doctor is the only person that can provide the person with a broken bone the best support. It is important to follow what the doctor told. Rules and regulations should be followed for quick recovery.



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