How Long After TCA Can I Microneedle (And Why)?

How Long After TCA Can I Microneedle (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 to 6 weeks  

A TCA which is otherwise called a chemical peel is a technique that is used to brighten and regulate the skin.  Chemical peels remove the outer part of your skin, which is your old skin, and gives you brighter skin. The solution which is used to peel off your skin causes a slight injury. The healing which then occurs regenerates new tissues in the area the solution was used.  

Some people use microneedles after getting a chemical peel done to enhance and make their skin look better. Though micro-needling sounds scary, it is not that painful. If you are opting to get a microneedle done after a chemical peel, doctors give you other extra products that will make the process instantaneous and a little less painful.  

This procedure is done to heal your skin and you will witness the results almost immediately. Once the surgery is successful, you will find yourself free from scars, fine lines, and acne.  

How Long After TCA Can I Microneedle

How Long After TCA Peel Can I Microneedle?  

Procedure After How Long Can You Do It? 
The time frame between two TCA peels, if you want one Take up to three to nine months in between 
Microneedle after chemical peels 1 month and two weeks 

Microneedle is always recommended to those who opt for chemical peels, but it’s still up to you to go for it or not. Microneedles heal the skin completely. If peels give around 60% enhancement to the skin, needles make it 100%.  

In the waiting phase between the TCA peel and microneedle, your old skin might begin to shed off, which is the whole point of the surgery. Be sure to not pick your skin by hand while it sheds because that is going to interrupt the healing process. Once your skin has completely healed from a chemical peel, which takes at least a month, you can go for micro-needling.  

Microneedles work by giving deeper penetration to your skin and thus giving better results. After a chemical peel, the microneedle process is started to boost the collagen production in the innermost layers of your skin. Once the chemical peel exfoliates your skin, the microneedle enhances it.  

Talk to your surgeon about the time frame between the two surgeries because though these predicted times are common for everyone, the way your skin might react to these surgeries will vary from person to person. Our skin is very delicate and therefore, care has to be taken before doing anything to our faces.  

Why Can I Microneedle So Long After TCA? 

The middle layer of the skin is called the dermis. Micro-needling and chemical peels work by stimulating the dermis level of your skin which encourages the production of collagen in your body, the natural way.  

The benefits aside, chemical peels are harmful in a way and can cause damage to your epidermis. Chemical peels, as a given, contain chemicals. You should not use it regularly as it may damage your skin. The healing time, which is a month, lets the skin get back to its natural strong self, after which you can go ahead and do micro-needling.  

A chemical peel is said to cause heavy inflammation to the skin. If you opt to get micro-needling done soon after that, you will experience extensive pain and discomfort. Taking both surgeries in a short interval leads to the increased production of fibroblasts.  

There are also studies that prove that micro-needling is better and safe than chemical peels as the micro punctures caused by the needles, completely close themselves within a period of 8 hours. This means that the skin is not open to any other damage. You might experience redness when exposed to the sun for a week, but not more than that.  

For people that tend to get a chemical peel done after micro-needling, you are expected to wait for a week or two. The healing time is lesser than the latter.  


A chemical peel is used to bring clear skin, especially on your face. It is said to treat acne, scars, and other lines in your face. Other than the face, it is used to treat your neck and hands as well. There are different types of chemical peels that cater to different needs. For example, a peel that contains salicylic acid can be used to treat acne better and not other problems.  

A surgeon knows what’s best for you. Leave the decision-making to them and follow the steps carefully such as using the products they give, avoiding going in the sun, and so on. The steps after the surgery matter as much as the surgery itself does.  


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