How Long After A TCA Peel Can I DermaRoll (And Why)?

How Long After A TCA Peel Can I DermaRoll (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 to 6 weeks

Skin is the first place that shows signs of aging for various reasons. So, to look young and to protect our skin we apply several skincare products and do many skincare therapies. After a proper consultation, we try many skincare therapies like peeling, moisturizing, scrubbing, and micro-needling to slough away dry, dirt particles, dead skin cells and to enhance the glow of our skin by stimulating fresh collagen production.

Mainly, TCA peel and Derma rolling are effective and reveal the new healthy skin underneath. Both cosmetic therapies will improve the appearance of our skin and are excellent for skin rejuvenation treatment.

How Long After A TCA Peel Can I DermaRoll

How Long After A TCA Peel Can I DermaRoll?

After TCA Peel, you can use microneedle 2 weeks
After TCA Peel, you can use dermal roll 6 weeks

Tca peel is a non-intrusive and chemical skincare therapy used to exfoliate the dead skin cells to excavate the smoother and newer skin layers below. These chemical peels contain an active and effective ingredient, acetic acid (trichloroacetic acid) or the TCA. 

Derma-roll is a device for skincare that is used to renovate the skin, treating acne, and reduces the signs of aging. It is done by inserting small needles into the skin that will help your skin in healing and will help you look younger. This procedure is also known as a collagen induction remedy. 

Combining both chemical peels and micro-needling enhances the skin inside and out. It is recommended that you have to first do the chemical peeling to exfoliate the top layers of your skin. Then after 2-6 weeks, you can go for a derma-roll to boost up the deeper layer of your skin. It provides deeper penetration after the old layers of the skin are gone.

You have to wait for 7-14 days at least after a TCA peel as it depends on the deep of the chemical peel used. Then you can easily do micro-needling without any difficulties. It’s advised to better wait until all signs of rash have disappeared. Again, wait for a week for some observation before proceeding with Derma-planing.

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Both chemical peeling and derma-planing can give your skin a radiant and glowing look. They are easy to use and can be used on more surfaces. Dermaplaning is even more effective with PRP(platelet-rich plasma) which is used to deliver PRP from your blood to the treatment area. This creative mixture of treatments provides faster and more effective results than Derma-planing alone. 

Why Can I DermaRoll So Long After A TCA Peel?

After completing the peeling method you have to wait for more than 14 days to do a micro-needle therapy. As we know, it all depends upon the types of scars, age, and skin condition of the patient. It’s clinically recommended to do 6-8 sessions of micro-needling for better results. It takes some weeks to heal all those micro-injuries after using derma-roll as a new layer of skin is developed and the old skin begins peeling off which leads to a mild sunburn. So, it takes a long to heal.

And this will recede within a few weeks, leaving you a youthful look. If you want to heal those mild burns and redness then you can follow some post-treatment instructions like avoid using ice on your face, avoid sun tanning for at least two weeks, avoid using makeup for 24 hours after micro-needling, avoid intense workouts at the gym, avoid swimming and avoid scratching at your skin.

Some instructions that you need to follow are: Staying hydrated because it is the most important to do for the health of your collagen, eat proper protein-based foods such as eggs, poultry, dairy products, fish, and seafood, etc. With that, you can use some specific moisture until the skin becomes back to normal. This will make the healing process a bit quicker by locking the moisture and lessening the chance of any skin infection, irritation, itching, or redness.


Both the skincare procedures can be done at the same time only in the hands of an expert. Otherwise, these procedures should not be done jointly. The TCA peel must be done before micro-needling. Be sure to have a consultation with a dermatologist about your skin type and take proper guidance before doing so.


Skincare is the best thing that everyone wants to do for the maintenance of their skin. Peeling, moisturizing, scrubbing, micro-needling, etc will show the best results after doing and applying. But the results are not permanent or long-lasting. However, our skin will get wrinkles, dark cells, and signs of aging after a certain age because it’s natural.

So, by doing so we can rejuvenate our skin for a certain limited period only. If you’re applying any of these skincare products or therapies, just try not to ignore the post-treatment instructions. Follow all the instructions properly and you’ll surely get remarkable changes that will make your skin brighter and healthy.


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