How Long After Tetanus Shot Are You Immune (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After A Couple Of Weeks

Tetanus is a bacterial infection that is caused by a bacterium, Clostridium Tetani. The cases of this infection are lesser in number. This bacterial infection may occur when one gets wounded. The bacterium enters into one’s body through wounds and burns.



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When the dirt in the environment comes in contact with the wounded areas there are chances for this bacterium to enter through these wounded surfaces.

Commonly the infection happens when someone is wounded by nails or any other sharp materials. Not all nails lead to infections, only if the nail is unclean with microorganisms that may lead to infections.

How Long After Tetanus Shot Are You Immune

How Long After Tetanus Shot Are You Immune?

Tetanus Symptoms
Stiff jaw
Muscle stiffness
Trouble swallowing
Muscle spasms in face
Irritability and fever

Tetanus causes muscle spasms and can even lead to death if left untreated. The bacterium enters one’s body through cuts and burns in body. Often Tetanus is associated with rust in blades and nails. But the fact is that when one has a wound they may get infected with Tetanus only if they come in contact with soil or dust which is contaminated. It has no other cure than vaccination. If it is not treated the tetanus toxin can enter the respiratory system and can lead to suffocation in breathing. Vaccines help in preventing this infection and secure us from serious health disorders.

Doctors often advise adults and children to get vaccinated if they feel that they are infected with the causing-causing bacterium. They advise them to get it when the individual gets exposed to infected nails or any other sharp objects. Not only through major injuries or burns, but the bacterium can also enter through minor injuries in our body. Though vaccine aids in preventing serious disorders, it is not a permanent cure for tetanus.

A person who is vaccinated is advised to take another shot after ten years of their early dose to prevent complications. Vaccination helps in boosting our immune system against this tetanus infecting bacterium. If it is not done it may lead to poor health and can even lead to death.

Vaccination done once cannot guarantee a cure for lifelong. So it is recommended by doctors to get vaccinated at regular intervals to aid in boosting the immunity of the affected individuals.

Why Are You Immune After A Couple Of Weeks After The Tetanus Shot?

A person affected with Tetanus is usually advised by doctors to get vaccinated every ten years of duration. An individual vaccinated starts to lose immunity gradually with the forwarding years. When they near to ten years of vaccination their body begins to slowly lose immunity against the tetanus-causing bacterium.

If the vaccination is not done during this ten years interval, the person may suffer serious complications as suffocating in breathing, muscle spasms, and individual death. Children and older adults are most recommended to get proper treatments against tetanus, as they are the ones who suffer the most due to this condition. Vaccination does not give guarantee a cure permanently, it is only a temporary cure that boosts immunity against the tetanus-causing bacterium.

So it is safe to get vaccinated every ten years if they are infected. The vaccines Td and Tdap are commonly recommended by doctors for defending against tetanus. These vaccines boost the immunity of the affected ones and give a guaranteed defense for at least ten years. The immunity decreases only when they near the completion of their first shot of the vaccines Td or Tdap.

It is advised by doctors to have either one of the vaccines which are enough to provide immunity. Not only affected individuals everyone is recommended to get a tetanus shot which serves as a defensive mechanism against tetanus. Children, teenagers, adults, and older adults all are advised to get vaccinated for prevention of the fatal condition. Your health advisor will guide about the vaccination procedure clearly.


As tetanus has serious complications as suffocation in breathing and death, it is appropriate to go for proper treatment to defend against complicated conditions. Vaccination guarantees ten years of safety, so it is recommended to get vaccinated every ten years.

After ten years of the first shot, a second shot is recommended to boost the immunity of the person. If they follow the advice of doctors and are regularly vaccinated they can prolong their life without any complications. In short, an individual’s immunity against the tetanus-causing bacterium will be there for ten years. There is no permanent cure for tetanus so one must get vaccinated at accurate time intervals to lead a healthy life.


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