How Long After Cut To Get Tetanus Shot (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

In case you haven’t got a booster for the past five years then it is time that you get a tetanus shot within 24 hours after an injury. It is quite important to maintain the time for getting a tetanus shot because that is what makes the injury from getting an infection.

However, the sooner you get the shot the better it would be for you. Most people tend to make the mistake of not getting a tetanus shot after they had an injury. Well, this is a serious decision to make and the decision needs to be made rapidly.

How Long After Cut To Get Tetanus Shot

How Long After Cut To Get Tetanus Shot?

When to get the tetanus vaccine after an injury?If not taken since the past five years then you should take within 24 hours after an injury.
Possible side effects of a tetanus shotLight fever, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, swelling, and tenderness in the injection site.

The injury that has been caused might be a minor one but you need to be extremely careful about its treatment. Soon after an injury, you need to make sure that the injured area is cleansed properly and kept dry after cleaning.

In case the injury has been caused due to a rusty nail then you will have to take a tetanus shot. Do not take chances when it comes to taking a tetanus shot because if there is an infection then it could eventually kill you.

Tetanus is a bacterial disease that attacks your nervous system and some of the common symptoms of tetanus infection are jaw muscle spasms, neck becoming stiff, fever, and rapid heart rate. It should be treated as soon as possible because if the infection is ignored then there would be serious consequences.

People are lucky that there is a vaccine for tetanus infection and most of them receive them when they are an infant or child. The vaccine immunizes against the disease that includes tetanus infection, diphtheria, and pertussis.

Most people get the booster every 10 years and you think that after an injury you need to get a booster of a tetanus injection then you should reach a hospital within 24 hours after the injury has occurred.

Why Does It Take That Long After Cut To Get Tetanus Shot?

There is no maximum time for getting the tetanus injection after an injury. The sooner you get the tetanus injection the better it is for you in case you haven’t taken a booster for the past five years. If you have taken a booster then ask your doctor whether you will be needing another injection or not.

However, there are some side effects after taking the tetanus shot. Well, they are mild ones like slight fever, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, and other types of pain and swelling. The injected site could be tendered for a while but these things would pass.

You should not worry about these side effects because these are common side effects and there is nothing wrong if you are suffering or experiencing them. But, to be on the safer side you should talk about it with a doctor.

Vaccines are meant to protect a person from any kind of illness or disease. People need to keep themselves safe and be precautious about everything and it is always the best option to keep a doctor in hand so that during an emergency you can contact him.

If you are a parent then make sure that your kid has taken the tetanus vaccine because your kid will be always playing around and there would be chances for injuries to occur.


In the end, you want to be safe and sound always because a small injury could lead to a serious health issue. Even if it is a small and minor injury then you should immediately consult a doctor about it as soon as possible.

The longer you wait the chances increase for an infection to occur and later on it might be too late to save the person. Doctors recommend taking vaccines within a day after an injury so that the person is on the safer side.

However, other than that you can also go for a regular check-up once in a while so that if there is any disease arising you can detect them immediately and can be treated.


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