How Long After Twins Drop Are They Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 weeks

When you experience a bump “dropping” or descending into your pelvis it gives a prediction and a sure sign that your body’s getting ready. Twins drop doesn’t predict the labor period. Generally, for the 1st time, a mother’s baby is born a few weeks before the due date.

Your midwife can describe you by your ultrasound report about your baby or your baby’s head engaging or being engaged. It can also be called your baby dropping. This can also be referred to as lightning that specifies you are feeling like carrying less weight. This is because the baby moves down towards the pelvis and your baby bump changes its shape.

How Long After Twins Drop Are They Born

How Long After Twins Drop Are They Born?

Mostly lightning occurs at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
Delivery after baby drop2 -3 weeks after baby drops.

When will be your lightning or baby drops will happen it is not always possible to predict because every pregnancy is different. If this is your first pregnancy, then at around 37 weeks lightning is most probable but this is not always the same for every woman.” Lightening” or dropping of the baby may happen 2-3weeks before delivery. For most subsequent pregnancies, and some first-time pregnancies, it doesn’t happen until you’re in labor.

When you are near your due date, your midwife will check and mention the position of your baby. Generally, most pregnant women notice certain physical changes of the baby bump after their baby drops. The shape of the bump may change and some may face worsening pregnancy symptoms.

After the baby drops and comes inside the pelvis, they may put some pressure on your bladder and rectum. This may result in making you pee too many times than before. Sometimes pregnant ladies may suffer from constipation and anxiety. You may also notice difficulty in walking very far. And walking too far may cause lower back pain. As babies head in inside the pelvis you may also feel reasonable pain around the pelvis while walking.

On the other hand, your stomach feels a bit of pressure so you can eat a little more than before without feeling uncomfortable. This may also reduce the heartburn-like feeling due to the high position of the baby bump. Your breathing may change to a deep breathing style as you feel easier too because of less pressure on the diaphragm.

Why Are Twins Born So Long After Drop?

Braxton Hicks or contractions can be practiced after your baby drops. Baby drops are common during the third trimester. However, call your doctor or maternity unit if the symptoms are noticed in less than 37 weeks pregnant
Some common symptoms found during this time are Regular contractions, Tightenings across your belly, or period-type aches and pains. Sometimes you may feel pain and pressure in the pelvis. Heavy lower back pain is most commonly experienced during this time.

Sometimes Twins may drop and sometimes they don’t, for the same reasons as singleton babies. That reason is similar to the answer to how much room they have in their house.
If the mom is on the smaller side and they lie on the larger side singleton babies do not drop.

Baby bumps are noticed suddenly to change to a cigar or torpedo shape from around. This confirms that they had their baby drops. Although these aren’t exactly the surest predictions as we were talking about baby bumps. The baby with the head down can engage better than one that is transverse or breech. Where dropping varies from one woman to another this also depends on the position of the baby relative to each other in twin babies.

Moms of a twin with shorter torsos may not experience the feeling of lightning. A feel of increased pressure may be felt at the abdomen and inside the pelvis. This is because of the shortage of room for babies to drop and they continue to grow upward. Yet others may or may not notice the drop.


Since dropping in pregnancy is so variable among twin moms, you may find differences in data. As the twin Mom has to bear the heavyweight of two babies, lightning may occur at 28 weeks. The delivery of the next baby would be 8 or 9 weeks later.

In the case of singletons, some mothers may experience baby drip before 2 weeks of delivery. While in some cases moms don’t notice a drop until they are in labor pain or at due dates. Don’t panic, if you experience a drop-like feeling at a very early stage, talk to your doctor or midwife about it.


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