How Long To TTC After Ectopic Pregnancy (And Why)?

How Long To TTC After Ectopic Pregnancy (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 3 months

After the egg is fertilized by the male sperm, it gets the space of growing in the uterus only. It is the perfect and the only part of the body where the embryo grows into a baby. But a complication occurs when the pregnancy period starts its growth outside the uterus. In some awkward times, and with some people the fertilized egg gets implanted outside the uterus.

But it is a matter of concern that a uterus can never survive outside the uterus. And, if the surgery is not performed and proper treatment is not done, then it may further cause damage to nearby organs. This may sometimes also lead to blood loss, and can also be life-threatening.

How Long To TTC After Ectopic Pregnancy

How Long To TTC After Ectopic Pregnancy?

The Pain Lasts For2-3 months
IVF Can Be Tried After3-4 months

Popularly known as TTC, it stands for Trying To Conceive, in the baby and pregnancy terms. This does not just mean having unprotected sex, and all, but it also talks about the patience and the preparation one goes through during the whole journey while becoming pregnant. But this process must be taken care of when you go through an ectopic pregnancy. Not to be taken lightly, ectopic pregnancy is not that easy one to go through.

It starts with symptoms like vaginal bleeding and simultaneously with pelvic pain. The pain may increase a little with time, but it is a little bit of a tense situation if the blood starts leaking from the fallopian tube. Once the blood leaks from the fallopian tube, pain in the shoulder and a strong feeling to have a bowel movement are the symptoms one may feel. But whatever it may be, the fetus would not be able to survive the ectopic surgery.

This ectopic surgery is mostly caused due to the damage the fallopian tube goes through. If the fallopian tube is damaged while the fertilized egg is passing through it, it may face some trouble. This would further lead to implanting the egg in the tube only and it would start growing in it.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Hence it is for at least three months or two full menstrual cycles one should wait for, before again trying to conceive. And it is seen that people use IVF, or the in vitro fertilization during the next time. As sometimes the fallopian tubes are removed after the ectopic pregnancy, this fertility technique becomes necessary to have a child.

Why Does It Take So Long After The Ectopic Pregnancy To TTC?

The pain one can feel during this ectopic pregnancy is just totally undeniable. It is all behind when the embryo gets stuck in the fallopian tube. Although it’s a tube, it does not have the proper capacity to hold the baby. It does not get stretched just like a uterus. And as with the weight of the embryo the fallopian tube stretches a little, it starts bleeding in the mother.

This bleeding is the root cause of all the pains. The pain can be at the shoulder, pelvis, lower and middle abdomen, or sometimes even in the neck. As this is a miscarriage and internal bleeding can cause some hazardous situations, medical advice is needed in an emergency. Sometimes it is even the shoulder tip of the body that can indicate the beginning of the ectopic pregnancy. The shoulder tip is that part of the human body, where the exact shoulder of our body ends and the arms begin. Although this gives a sign of this fatal pregnancy, still it’s not clear why this pain even occurs at this uncertain part!

However, TTC or trying to conceive after a sudden ectopic pregnancy is not justified. It is regarded as a bad decision. It is classified in such a way, just because the mother would have gone through such an amount of pain during the first fatal pregnancy only.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Hence, handling another pregnancy within this sudden limit time can cost something big. Hence, it is seen in the history of this ectopic pregnancy that, the best way to conceive again, after tubal damage or more than a single ectopic pregnancy is IVF. But it is always a better option to get some rest and give a little time before starting everything again.


Although this painful pregnancy may cost a lot, it is seen that almost 65% of the women who go through this ectopic pregnancy conceive successfully. Within a year or so, after a peaceful gap, they can again TTC, and achieve a successful pregnancy. This all can even happen if they also remove the fallopian tube.

However, to get rid of the pain caused by the ectopic pregnancy, one can also try some tried and tested methods to get rid of it. They include consuming vitamin C, turmeric, or ginger, more some garlic, ginseng, or can also try the vaginal steaming technique. Hence, it is all about ectopic pregnancy and how long and why after this long one should TTC.


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