How Long Are Boiled Eggs Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 to 7 days

In the past few months, the word vegan was in trend. The story behind it goes like this. Two groups divide people based on their food preferences. 



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The groups are vegetarians and nonvegetarians. Nonvegetarians eat fruits and vegetables, as well as animal meat without any hesitation. However, vegetarians never prefer any kind of animal meat as a part of their diet. 

However, a few years back, scientists declared that the eggs we eat are non fertilized. Eating these eggs will not count as taking any chicken’s life before it is born. 

With this theory, some vegetarians started eating eggs. This is how the word vegan came into trend. The topic is controversial and depends on the beliefs of an individual. 

How Long Are Boiled Eggs Good For

How Long Are Boiled Eggs Good For?

Environmental FactorPeriod
Inside refrigerator 3 to 7 days 
Outside refrigerator Less than 2 days

Love for eggs is not measurable. Eggs are part of the daily diet. Western people eat two eggs every morning with bread and juice. 

Even if there are several dishes with eggs, many people prefer to eat boiled eggs. Eggs are rich in protein, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Eggs also have some amount of sodium, potassium, iron, and calcium.

Vitamin B-6 and vitamin D are also present in eggs. Adding spices to eggs or cooking them for longer durations reduces the nutrient content in eggs. That’s why health-conscious people and gym-going people eat boiled eggs as a part of their daily diet.

Boiled eggs are helpful for bodybuilding. Eating one boiled egg every day increases stamina and endurance power. Athletes eat boiled eggs and boiled chicken a lot because it provides them the stamina to work for a longer period.

Boiled eggs will stay edible for up to 7 days if kept in the refrigerator. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiled eggs can be stored for a long period by not peeling the hard shell over them. 

If the hard shell is present, then the egg will last longer. Peeled eggs do not stay edible for a longer period. That’s why people are bound to eat peeled eggs the same day.  

Why Are Boiled Eggs Good For So Long?

If the peeled eggs are left in the open under room temperature for more than a few hours, a foul smell will come. The taste will be different. There will be a difference in moisture amount too.

Boiled eggs with hard shells last for a couple of days in the refrigerator due to the suitable temperature. Inside the refrigerator, when a boiled egg (having a hard shell) is kept, external bacteria do not attack it. 

When the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, boiled eggs find it suitable to last and remain edible for 7 days. There may arise the need for a little seasoning over it to make it tastier, but it will be edible.

Boiled eggs are also used as ingredients in nonvegetarian salads. Boiled eggs with veggies make a dish healthier as well as tastier. There’s no denying this fact.

People who go to the gym every day eat a lot of eggs throughout the workout period. Most people eat only boiled eggs, while some prefer French toasts (having egg as an ingredient).

It is wise to do so because eggs are assets to the people who focus on bodybuilding. Boiled eggs are useful for people living in cold areas. It is because eggs keep the body warm. In cold areas, people balance their body temperature by eating warm food items, and egg is one of them. 


Boiled eggs are edible for a couple of days when kept in a refrigerator below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. One should not peel the hard shell over it. It will reduce the lasting time of a boiled egg. 

A person must be aware that once the boiled egg is peeled, it should be eaten the same day before the egg loses its taste and nutrients. Keeping under room temperature can deteriorate the nutrient amount of a boiled egg. 

Eating that egg can have adverse effects on a living organism. Even if it is a small thing, it is better to be careful about it. It will save a lot of money and tension. 


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