How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week

Food is one of the primary needs of every living being on earth. Though humans are classified differently based on their races, gender, lifestyle, and country, there are always resources and requirements that are needed by all.

One of them certainly is food and the ingredients to make them. Even after one gets the ingredients, they should know the proper way to cook them and store them in the right place in the necessary conditions.

One such popular ingredient that is used by all, is eggs. There are several ways to cook and store eggs. According to various sources and culinary masterminds, hard-boiled eggs can be stored for a week without going bad.

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last?

Method of CookingTime
Soft Boiled2 Days
Scrambled4 Days
Hard-boiled7 Days

Cooking is one of the never-ending activities in any human’s daily life, and also a never-dying profession because of it. There isn’t a day where one can go by without food. Food cannot be made without the right ingredients.

They should not only be eatable, but they should also be full of nutrients that one requires to keep their body’s physical health intact. One such ingredient, used by cuisines all around the world, is eggs.

People love having eggs with every meal. They go well with many dishes and can even be eaten alone if one feels like having an egg. Eggs are filled with nutrients like lean protein, vitamin B12, riboflavin, selenium.

These nutrients are important for one’s body and will help them in multiple ways. Eggs are a rich source of protein and they are even used as hair masks to strengthen hair and help them grow.

Boiled Eggs

They are not full of calories, so they can help one in losing weight too. They get along well with other nutrients and are not much allergic to most people. They also help people in promoting their prenatal development. There are various ways to cook eggs. Some of the usual household cooking methods of eggs include softly boiled, hard-boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, omelets, half-boiled, and more.

There is never a specific time to have eggs. One can have them in the morning, evening, and for any meal of the day. So, even if the egg is cooked, it can be stored fresh for a while. But, the time for which the eggs remain fresh, is different based on how they are cooked or prepared.

Why Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last So long?

Eggs can be cooked in multiple ways like hardboiled. Hardboiled eggs are very good for health and can be cooked easily in about 7 to 8 minutes in a pot. All one to do is boil them well. They can be a great snack if preserved properly.

Hard-boiled eggs can be stored without getting spoiled for about 7 days. Whether they are in their shells or not, if stored correctly, one can eat them without getting any sort of health issues.

If you don’t shell the eggs, it will protect them from all sorts of bacteria and prevent any odor from getting absorbed by the eggs. This will also preserve them from getting spoiled. Even if you remove the shell or don’t, hard-boiled eggs can be stored in air-tight containers for seven days without going bad.

Boiled Eggs

Anywhere you store the eggs, the temperature where you store them must be within 40 degrees. It is better to keep any food ingredient, especially boiled eggs, in a cool place, at a temperature less than forty degrees.


One can store hard-boiled eggs in an air-tight container or a ziplock bag. Unpeeled hard-boiled eggs can be stored in open uncovered or air-tight conditions. It is bad for health to ingest spoiled eggs, so make sure to store them in the right conditions.

If they get spoiled, throwing them away is the best resort. Hardboiled eggs will last for a week anyway and there are many ways to use them like chopping them up, adding them to salads and sandwiches. According to USDA, it is better not to freeze boiled eggs, with or without the shell. Just keep the eggs below 40 degrees and they will be good to eat for a week.



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