How Long Are Pickles Good For (And Why)?

How Long Are Pickles Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 years

The pickles can be eaten for around 2 years only if stored correctly. The type of fruit or vegetable used for making pickles will affect the shelf life. The vegetables and fruits have a short shelf life.

Once the vegetables and fruits are involved in the pickling process, the pickles would have a long shelf life. The fridge would be a good place to increase the shelf life of pickles.

The presence of vinegar in the pickles would make an unfriendly atmosphere for the bacterial growth in the pickle jar. The main reason is that vinegar is highly acidic. The pickles would cause foodborne illness if consumed after the expiry date.

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How Long Are Pickles Good For?

Minimum time1 year
Maximum time3 years

Most of the pickles go bad very early if the seal is not done properly. The pickles will go bad if they catch moisture. The color of the pickles would change if they have gone bad. The pickles would last long in a dry environment. People can store the pickles in the fridge but in a glass container.

Many people use plastic jars to store the pickles, but gars are better. Once the pickles would expire according to the best before date, the person should check the texture and color of the pickles. If the pickle has lost its crunch but is good, then everyone can consume the pickles.

People should try storing the pickles without breaking the seal. The temperature of the place should be under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. After the seal of the jar is broken, the person should store the pickles in the refrigerator.

Pickle juice is also used for marinating beef. People can use the pickle jar for storing fresh vegetables as it would bring the same type of flavors. The pickles are prepared using a variety of ingredients. All the ingredients in the pickles may have a different expiry date.

Some ingredients may expire faster and this will cause the pickle to go bad early. If anybody notices a bulging lid, then it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the pickles. Always use clean spoons to take out the pickles from jars.

Using dirty hands would transfer many bacteria to the pickles. Pickle may experience fermentation process which is allowed. The rancid smell in the pickles indicates that the pickles are hosting much bacterial growth.

Everyone should avoid eating pickles with bad smells as they would transfer bacteria into the body.

Why Are Pickles Good For This Long?

The shelf life of all the pickles depends on the ingredients, method of preparation, and storage. Not all vegetable pickles would have a similar shelf life. The bubble formation inside the pickle jars would indicate the expiry of the pickles.

The fluid inside the jar would change in texture when the pickles go bad. The fluid during the beginning would be quite thick. With time, the texture of the vinegar or brine would become watery or thin. This is a sign that the pickles are not safe to eat.

If the jar is not sealed correctly, then try to eat the pickles within 1 to 2 days. People can also do the canning process of the pickles for storage. Pickles are great for the body, but spoiled pickles can bring the issue of bacterial infection or diarrhea.

The expiry date of homemade pickles would depend on how the people store them. The expiry date of store-bought pickles will be mentioned in the outer package of the pickles.


Pickles will not have a shelf life of more than 2 years, but there will be some exceptions to it. Some pickles can be eaten for around 2 to 3 years if they are not spoiled. The method of making pickles will be different for all the fruits and vegetables.

The oil and spice used in pickles will affect the shelf life of the pickles. The person should always check if the pickles are in good condition or not before consuming the pickles.


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