How Long Between Moderna Shots (And Why)?

How Long Between Moderna Shots (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three to Four Weeks

Due to the worldwide crisis of Corona that is gripping the world, it is necessary to safeguard oneself against it. Since there are a few vaccines available that can prove to be very efficient, being safe has become easier these days. The vaccine includes Pfizer or Moderna.

These vaccines are available for each individual. The best part is that since it is a government initiative, it is free of cost for everyone. However, it is necessary to get these vaccines on time as prescribed by the person who administers the vaccine. Usually, two vaccines need to be taken with a gap of a few weeks for the best results.

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How Long Between Moderna Shots?

One of the most preferred vaccines that people go for is Moderna. It is a CDC approved prevention against Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). This vaccine is available in all states in the United States. Moderna is being distributed under EUA and is to be given as two-dose primary vaccines. 

Moderna can be administered to anyone who is above the age of 18 years. Since it is a two-dose vaccine, there has to be a gap of three to four weeks between the two doses. After the second case, a booster shot needs to be administered after six months. 

When the vaccines in administered into the body, it creates antibodies in the body that helps fight the Coronavirus. Studies show that if there is a gap in the two doses of Moderna, it proves to be helpful for the body to become familiar with the antibodies. It improves the immunity of the body. The period between the two does mainly depends on the ingredients of the vaccine.

Different brands like Pfizer have a lesser time gap between two doses. When it comes to Moderna, the ideal time gap between two doses is about 28 days or four weeks. It is necessary to get the second dose after the specified four weeks so that the Moderna vaccine can protect an individual in the best way.

Type of Shot/doseWhen the shot is to be taken
First Shot/DoseAs soon as possible
Second Shot/DoseFour weeks after the first shot/dose
Booster shotSix months after the second shot/dose.

Why So Long Between Moderna Shots?

When the Moderna vaccine is administered to the body, there are some side effects of the vaccine that are to be seen in the next couple of days. These effects happen due to the concentration of the vaccine, hence a gap has been kept between two shots of Moderna Vaccine so that the person can handle the effects of the vaccine. Besides this, there are many other reasons why there is a gap between the two Moderna shots. Some of the reasons are as below:

  • The primary reason is the formula of the Moderna Vaccine. It is formulated in a way that it is necessary to administer it in the body in a two-dose way.
  • The gap between two doses taken for Coronavirus has proven to improve the overall effectiveness of the vaccine. 
  • Another reason is the body first needs to accept the antibodies that are introduced in the first dose. Post a gap of about 28 days, it becomes easier for the human body to accept the second shot in the case of the Moderna Vaccine.
  • There is a specific space between two shots of the Moderna vaccine so that the effects are long-lasting. 

There is a time frame that is mandated after the first dose. It is imminent to take the second dose within this time frame to have the best results from the two doses.


Even if a person has taken both the Moderna shot on time, it is still imminent to follow all safety protocols so that there are no chances for the person to contract Coronavirus. 

There can be minor side effects like fever or muscle pain due to the vaccination. It is necessary to be prepared for the same, both physically and mentally. It is also imminent to take the booster shot after six months of the second shot without fail.

Taking all vaccines on time will ensure that a person is safe and protected against the crisis of Covid. 


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