How Long Does The Moderna Vaccine Last (And Why)?

How Long Does The Moderna Vaccine Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Minimum Six Months

The year 2020 has massively changed the way people live. It almost seems like an era where people were free to roam about, meet friends and enjoy to their heart’s content. But all that changed when Covid-19 hit the world. In a matter of days, the whole world went under lockdown. 

Though it started in China, it spread across the whole world like a wildfire. The government was unprepared and hence announced the lockdown to stop the Coronavirus from spreading further. However, the lockdown was only a precaution, not a solution. To find a permanent solution, researchers all across the globe began to find a cure for Covid-19. 

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How Long Does The Moderna Vaccine Last?

Finding a cure for a new disease is not an easy task. With the growing mortality rate, it was an urgent necessity that had to get addressed. It took time, but scientists and researchers worked relentlessly in finding a cure. Efforts for finding a cure are still in the process. The reason is that the treatment for a person infected by the Coronavirus is not that easy.

Although people are hospitalized and given proper medication, still the death rate is high. Treatment alone cannot solve the problems created by the pandemic. Hence, it became imminent to find effective vaccination so that people stay protected. Many pharmaceutical companies began the process of manufacturing vaccines that can get used on every person.

Out of the many vaccines that got made, only a few passed the quality control tests. Only a couple of vaccines received the okay signal to get distributed. Some of the vaccines that you get now are Pfizer and Moderna.

Every medicine that you ingest in your body has effects. These effects are what keep you safe. If Moderna vaccines are considered, by taking Moderna, you can safeguard yourself from Corona Virus. However, it is a fact that the effects of the Moderna Vaccine will only stay for six months or a little more after the second dose.

Protection Against (If You Take Moderna Vaccine)Effectiveness
Covid-19Six Months
Severe IllnessFive Months

Why Does Moderna Vaccine Last That Long?

Medicines have been a boon to humankind. We have become safe from many deadly diseases due to the advancement in the field of science. When you contract the disease, foreign pathogens enter your body. The foreign pathogens can get eliminated if an antidote or medicine gets administered into the body. The medicine then kills these harmful pathogens, and as a result, we become free of that disease or sickness.

But there are certain diseases or viruses like the Coronavirus that are not that easy to eliminate. What adds to the problem is that it is contagious. It spreads very quickly. Hence we need effective medicines to fight the Coronavirus. We have few vaccines that can help us stay away from COvid-19. But that does not mean that once you have administered, it will keep you safe forever. There are limitations to medicine, no matter how advanced it may be.

Plus, these vaccines are supposed to make your immunity stronger against the Coronavirus. Hence, the effect of the Moderna vaccine may be there only for few months. There exist various reasons why the effects last only this long, and they are as follows:

  • How long a medicine or vaccine stays effective depends on the composition, Moderna vaccine gets formulated in a certain way, that the effects last for at least six months.
  • Another reason is the severity of the disease or virus. We all know Coronavirus is the deadliest virus that humans have ever encountered. Even if you take the best medicines, they will be effective for only months or maybe years. 


Reducing effectiveness does not mean that you are not protected anymore from the virus. It only means the effects have become a little less. You will still get protected from contracting the virus. The number of months or days gets declared based on studies. Hence, the effectiveness of Moderna may be intact even after six months.

Yes, it is heartbreaking to know that we have not been able to find the proper cure for Covid-19. But the efforts are still going on. 


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