How Long Can A Company Furlough An Employee (And Why)?

How Long Can A Company Furlough An Employee (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Six Months

Having a job is more than bliss. It may be a private-sector job or a government-sector job. Nowadays, without a job, sustainable living is not possible.

Many people work in companies as service employees either till death or for a certain period. The service period is more secure in government jobs. People put their life on the line to work and earn money.

However, even if there is a lot of work to do, sometimes all a person needs is some time off his schedule. It is essential for relaxation and makes space in the brain by releasing excessive stress.

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How Long Can A Company Furlough An Employee?

Furlough permission in companySix months (on pre-leave notice)
Gynecology leave to females by a companySix months to eight months (depends on the owner too)

No matter what the job or service, everyone had the right to demand leaves whenever necessary. The leave count varies from company to company. It is not the same in all the companies.

The period of furlough for an IT employee may not be the same as that of a civil employee. There are two types of leave that an employee can demand. One is official and another is personal.

Official furlough is by default given by the company to its employees to carry out certain official workloads. An employee on official leave is said to be on duty and the company can not cut his normal leave count.

These leaves can last until the work is over and all the facilities are on the company’s shoulders. However, the deal with personal furlough is different from official furlough. Here, several factors come into play.

Apart from weekly offs, a company provides an employee with some days of personal leave that he can take as per his necessity (excluding Sundays and national holidays). If the default period exceeds, there will be a cut in the monthly salary or there can be other consequences too.

In the case of private companies, the employees are at less advantage of personal leaves as compared to the employees in government service. Employees with private jobs suffer more fragility and hence, they work more effectively to maintain their stance in the workplace.

Why Does Furlough Last That Long For An Employee?

The payment may be high in private sectors, but high are the firing chances too on slightest mistakes. One can not take chances with personal furlough as he desires.

In some cases, the people are unable to get even the usual furlough count due to work issues. It sounds frustrating because it is frustrating after all. Not being able to spend time with the family hits hard anyways.

However, the scene is not harsh everywhere. In many companies, the employees get decent treatment from the authority and co-workers. The atmosphere there is nothing less than a peaceful paradise.

The company grants leave to the employees and takes complete responsibility for that vacancy. The furlough period is highest in the case of females. It is due to the medical complications that pop up in the case of a female.

If a female employee is going through her pregnancy period, her workplace can grant her a furlough of a couple of months. Pregnancy is a complex medical condition and it can be risked at any cost. In that case, a transit employee is assigned to make up for the pending work.

Menstrual cramps, accidents, marriage ceremonies, etc are all treated as important events and a decent furlough is given to the employees by the service provider.


Before granting a furlough period, there always comes a pre-leave discussion to ensure that the furlough period does not exceed a particular limit. It also ensures that if an employee demands a long leave, she should return and continue the work.

If any discrepancy occurs, two cases follow the mishap. Either the company takes professional action or there happens to be a settlement. In any case, the employee and the authority stand responsible for the furlough matter.

If an employee does not report back after the permitted leave period, the company takes the case into custody and necessary actions follow the discrepancy.


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