How Long Can A Dead Tooth Stay In Your Mouth (And Why)?

How Long Can A Dead Tooth Stay In Your Mouth (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 2 months – 2 Years

A healthy smile is a desideratum of almost everyone, but this desire could get deterred by the presence of a dead tooth in one’s mouth. A dead tooth is like a disease that could infect even the healthy ones if left unattended for long.

Just like a dead person is a person without any life, a dead tooth is a tooth that no longer receives any blood from the body. It is a tooth that has decayed till its roots and is no longer salubrious. This tooth has no supply of blood and is possibly hollow from the inside due to decay. Such teeth in one’s mouth could lack oxygen and essential nutrients in them and hence are called dead teeth.

A dead tooth when left untreated, could fall out on it its own. Such a tooth can disrupt the decorum of one’s teeth and makes one’s smile look unattractive. Thus, it is necessary to detect the early signs of a tooth turning dead and to see a dentist as soon as possible to conserve one’s shining pearly whites.

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How Long Can A Dead Tooth Stay In Your Mouth?

Teeth are living things too and hence they can die. A tooth becomes dead when its care is not properly taken and there is a lack of dental hygiene. A dead tooth can be a result of severe tooth decay that has been going on for ages.

A tooth is said to be dead when there is no flow of blood passing through it. In such a case, the tooth would not be able to sustain for long as there would be no oxygen reaching through blood. Due to lack of oxygen, such teeth would eventually become useless and would fall out from the mouth.

However, when a dead tooth falls out, it could severely damage as well as harm one’s jaw and mouth tissues. A dead tooth can stay in the mouth for innumerable days depending upon the extent of the damage. It could take as little as 30 days to as long as 2 years or more for a dead tooth to fall out from the mouth. Thus, one can’t say exactly how long a dead tooth could stay in one’s mouth.

The length of time a tooth takes to decayApprox. 6 – 12 months
The length of time a dead tooth takes to fall outApprox. 6 weeks – 2 years

Why Does A Dead Tooth Stay So Long In Your Mouth?

A tooth that is turning dead might initially show some signs of discomfort like toothache, bleeding gums, pain, etc. In such times, one should make it a point to visit a dentist to save the dying tooth. One cannot comprehend what is happening inside one’s tooth by simply seeing it from the outside. Thus, it is said to have regular visits to one’s dentist to know in advance for any possible chances of tooth decay and strategies to reverse it.

One’s tooth has started decaying or damaging, it can become deadly if it is left ignored for long. Initially one might not understand the dire consequences of this decision, but later when the tooth becomes dead, people deeply regret their decision of not taking proper care of their teeth. One should never wait to go to a dentist till the problem becomes serious and causes pain.

Consulting a dentist before the tooth has completely become dead could help one save their dying tooth. A dead tooth not only is a disgrace to one’s smile but could also become a grave concern for the surrounding healthy teeth as they too might start damaging due to the presence of one bad tooth inside the mouth. Thus, taking timely action before it is too long can help in conserving one’s smile.


A dead tooth is a tooth that does not have any healthy nerves connected to it and there is no blood supply to that particular teeth. In such a condition, a dead tooth eventually falls out from its place after some weeks, months, or years depending upon the damage it has endured.

Brushing regularly at least twice a day, maintaining good dental hygiene, consuming a healthy diet, and having regular visits to one’s dentist can help identify dental problems in their initial stages and assist in tackling those issues effectively before it is too late.



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