How Long After HIIT Should I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Sixty Minutes

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it falls under the category of Cardiovascular exercises. It is a training in which high-intensity exercises are performed for some duration, and then they are followed by proper resting periods. Thus, it is a chain of exercising and resting, and most of the exercises done in this training are anaerobic exercises.

This training is continued until a person is thoroughly exhausted and is unable to do any more exercises. These exercises are generally done on free days like Sunday or any holiday because it will be challenging to work after HIIT. Sportspeople regularly do HIIT as they need to stay fit to play different types of sports.

How Long After HIIT Should I Eat

How Long After HIIT Should I Eat?

The main purpose for which HIIT is done is that it helps in improving the athletic ability of an individual and is also responsible for improving the metabolism of glucose in the body. It is crucial to properly metabolize glucose in the body because its deficiency can make a person weak, and it won’t be possible to perform strenuous activities like playing football. In contrast, HIIT is not a preferred option in treating obesity as fat people might not perform the exercises done in HIIT. What type of exercise suits a particular person can be discussed with a trainer, and then the routine can be followed individually.

The routine of HIIT is straightforward. At the beginning of the training, warm-up exercises are done so that the body becomes ready for the upcoming exercises after that high-intensity exercise is done, such as weightlifting. After that, a break of few minutes is taken to help the body become stable. After this, a light exercise such as running or stretching is done, and then again, a short break is done. After that, another high-intensity exercise is performed again. This cycle can be followed three to five times, depending on the capacity of a person. Slowly, an individual can increase the level of exercise.

High-Intensity Interval Training
EventsTime After HIIT To Eat
The ideal time to eat after HIITWithin sixty minutes
Maximum time to eat after HIITNinety minutes

It is advised to consume food after sixty minutes of HIIT. However, if, due to some reasons, there is a delay, then it must be ensured that the meal is taken within ninety minutes as it will help in replenishing the glycogen levels of the body.

Why Does It Take That Long After HIIT To Eat?

The most significant benefit of doing HIIT is that it helps in improving the cardiovascular fitness of the person. The best results of this training are observed in individuals falling in the age range between eighteen and forty-five. It has also been observed that if a person performs HIIT regularly, then the heart’s working is also strengthened, and the blood flow also becomes better. It is indeed rightly said that a healthy man is a rich man.

Another significant benefit of doing HIIT is that it helps in reducing the insulin resistance of the body. VO2 max is also found to be improved with the help of HIIT, and it helps in fighting coronary artery disease. An increase in glucose levels combined with a loss in weight is a significant benefit of doing HIIT. However, it is not easy to do HIIT continuously as the body can feel tired. But slowly, the body will get accustomed to the exercising routine, and good results will be reflected in a person’s health.


It is advised to eat that long after HIIT because the body needs energy after exercising. In addition, eating a proper amount of food helps replenish the glycogen levels, and muscles accept the nutrients taken while eating food at a rapid pace after the training.


Finally, it can be concluded that HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it is mainly done to improve the cardiovascular fitness of the body. But, apart from this, it also has many other health benefits such as proper metabolization of glucose and increment in the levels of VO2 max to fight coronary artery disease.

On average, it is advised to eat food within one hour of doing HIIT. This is recommended so that the body can adequately store the glycogen and the muscles can accept the nutrients coming from the food fastly. The routine of HIIT is that intense exercise is followed by some rest and then exercising again.


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