How Long Can A Person Expect To Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around Seventy-Two Years

Life is a trait that distinguishes living and non-living things from each other. Living things perform various biological processes such as breathing, walking, eating, drinking, etc. Most of the non-living things are the invention of living beings. The entities that never performed such actions are termed inanimate. Living beings consist of trees, humans, and animals.



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Many people define life as organisms composed of cells, grow, undergo metabolism, have a life cycle, respond to various stimuli, evolve, reproduce, and adapt to different environmental changes. However, there are a few non-cellular living organisms such as viroids and viruses.

How Long Can A Person Expect To Live?

Living beings are made up of fundamental organic compounds. Very long ago, the earth was comprised of only non-living things, and it was a gradual process of constant change that led to the transition of non-living entities into living entities. Life on earth was first discovered approximately 4.3 billions year ago. Bacterial microfossils were the first form of energy. Slowly everything evolved, and eventually, human beings came into existence.

After the first appearance, humans have evolved very rapidly. Starting from the stone age to the bronze age and then the iron age, it won’t be an understatement to say that currently, humans are in the techno age. However, as time has passed by, the average life of a human being has decreased. The primary reason is that it is not only humans who have evolved but different other living entities such as viruses and bacteria. As a result, several diseases can affect a person. Also, industrial changes have made the environment unfit for surviving. The air is very polluted, and the water is also unhealthy to drink.

GenderAverage Length Of Life
MaleSeventy years
FemaleSeventy-five years
Male and Female combinedSeventy-two years

Researchers have found that the average length of an individual’s life depends on many factors, such as whether the person is diagnosed with a disease or not. Males generally last for around seventy years. In comparison, females survive for approximately seventy-five years. When the data of both males and females are combined, it has been found that an individual has a life span of around seventy-two years.

Why Can A Person Expect To Live For That Long?

The average life of a person defined in historical books was around a hundred years. However, now everything has changed a lot. Humans are setting up more industries, cutting trees and forests at a very rapid rate, releasing different chemicals in the air and water, and most importantly, killing other living beings for their benefits. All this is leading to an environmental disbalance and eventually shortening of human life.

Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and decreasing levels of oxygen are making the air unfit for breathing. Also, water is contaminated by a lot of chemicals that are killing animals who drink it. Not only this, but unhealthy eating habits have also resulted in a decrease in immunity. One of the primary reasons for the decline in lifetime is the addiction to smoking or drugs. Drinking alcohol is also another reason, and all this leads to deadly diseases like cancer.

It is crucial to eat a good diet to keep yourself healthy. Also, every individual should try to keep the environment clean and not pollute the surroundings. Road accidents are another major factor that is contributing to the shortening of the average life. Rapid population growth also leads to a shorter life as poverty is increasing, and there is a shortage of resources. Economic inequality is another reason behind the decrease in a lifetime.


Finally, it can be concluded that life was formed after a lot of changes in the surroundings. Surroundings slowly evolved, and finally, living beings took birth. Bacteria were the first form of life. Gradually life became, and human beings arrived. Earlier human beings used to survive for around a hundred years.

On average, human beings have been found to live for around seventy-two years. Females generally have a longer life than males. However, as human beings evolved, they changed the surroundings according to their needs, and it has resulted in a decrease in lifespan over the years. It is an individual’s moral responsibility to contribute to the environment positively.


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