How Long Can A Person Tread Water (And Why)?

How Long Can A Person Tread Water (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For about 5 hours

Pools have a lot more advantages besides entertainment. This is even similar to swimming. Swimming and other water activities are good for health. They have been included as exercises that should be done post-recovery. They are beneficiaries for health and body. Treading water is even a kind of water exercise. It has been proven very beneficial in losing weight. It helps in freeing the joints of the body pressure.

Exercises done in water are more effective in shaping the body. This is because more calories are burnt. The resistance of a person even increases during continued training. Thus, the entire body is toned and conditioned in these exercises.

How Long Can A Person Tread Water

How Long Can A Person Tread Water?

With life jacket10 hours
Without life jacket2 hours

Treading on water has proven to be effective during recovery. The old aged persons with arthritis have been got relief from joint pains to some extent. It is pain-free and facilitates movements. The movements in water are relatively smoother. Treading on water has is even good for cardiovascular health. It helps in lowering blood pressure. This is because the resistance and pressure are less when the body is in water. This helps in reducing pressure on the heart for pumping blood.

This exercise helps in relieving stress. This is why it is always preferred as a time pass activity. It even helps in the proper functioning of internal organs like the lungs. The whole body is benefited from these exercises. The body is toned and all the muscles work effectively. Apart from these painless effects, the calories in the body are burnt easily. However, one needs to know the proper steps of treading. If treading is done properly, then the benefits are doubled.

Both the arms and thighs should be used during treading. The breathing rate should be maintained at a normal rate. The head should be elevated. The legs should be moved in a circular motion moving them to and fro. The arms and hands should be moved horizontally. Paddling exercises can even be done. Some floatation devices can even be used. These devices are helpful in swimming and even increase the good effects.

Tread Water

The calories burnt are about 400 to 600 calories in an hour. However, the fixed time until when a person can tread in water depends on various factors. Mostly, people with an average level of fitness can do it for 10 hours. However, this time may change along with very factors.

Why Can A Person Tread Water For So Long?

The basic time for which a person can tread in water is about 10 hours. However, the body types, use of lifejackets, swimming, the temperature of the water may even determine the time. The body type plays a vital role in determining the type. If a person has bad fitness and he/she goes for treading without a lifejacket, then he/she can sustain for 1 hour. If a person has average fitness, then he/she can sustain for 4 hours. If a person has good fitness, then he/she can sustain for 10 hours.

The temperature of the water is even deciding water. The ability of a person to tread in warm water is more. This ability decreases in cold water. Suppose the temperature of the water is about 10°C. A person with average fitness can sustain for 2 hours. A person with good fitness can sustain for 10 hours. A person with bad fitness can sustain for 6 hours. However, these times are recorded when the person is using a life jacket. A life jacket is a must for every person going into the waters. Without a life jacket, a person can swim for a maximum of 2 hours.

Tread Water

Life jackets and other floating items increase the resistance and balance of the body. This is why they should be used during water exercises. They even reduce the chances of water injuries. The most interesting fact about water exercises is that there are minimal chances of injuries. Hence, they are most preferred. If the temperature of the water is warm, the person can enjoy the water for a longer time. This is why one cannot sustain for long in water in Tropics.

However, the level of knowledge you have about swimming even plays a significant role. If you are a professional or either experienced in swimming, then you can swim and tread longer. People who are beginners do not have enough endurance and resistance. Hence, such persons would sustain themselves for a short period.


Treading on the water is a playful exercise. A person enjoys the waters and even develops fitness. It is very fruitful to cure many diseases. Every person should go swimming at least thrice a week. They can burn calories easily. People with a busy schedule and desire for weight loss can find it to be a blessing. However, one should also ensure proper precautionary measures.

If proper precautionary measures are taken, the chances of drowning are less. However, the person should decide the amount of water by his experience. Every individual has unique and different characteristics. They should be taken into account while going for such activities.


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