How Long Can I Drive On A Spare Tire (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 70 Miles

A spare tire is an extra tire that is always kept for emergency purposes. People carry a spare tire on their vehicle because many times tires could get punctured while someone is driving. Then, during that kind of situation, a spare tire helps to at least reach the nearest garage for further help.



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A general rule of driving a vehicle in a spare tire should not be more than 70 miles. And keeping all those things aside the speed limit should not be more than 50 miles per hour. Well, maintenance is required because during emergency situations things like these can come in very handy.

How Long Can I Drive On A Spare Tire

How Long Can I Drive On A Spare Tire?

Spare Tire Distance70 Miles
Speed Limit50 Miles/hour

Driving can be fun and thrilling at times but keeping every safety in mind should always be the priority of every individual. Driving no more than 70 miles will not be harmful if you are driving a spare tire. 70 miles should be enough for you to look for another garage.

Also, the other thing that you should keep in mind is that the speed limit while you are driving on a spare tire. The speed limit should not be more than 50 miles an hour. We can say that this is the basic or the general rule while driving on a spare tire.

You need to replace the donut with a new tire. One of the reasons why spare tires are recommended to use for a short period because they have little to no tread and this is why the spare tire becomes vulnerable to several road hazards.

It is also necessary that while driving on a spare tire you should be able to keep the speed limit to a certain point. If there are some dangers ahead make sure you know what to do according to the situation.

The spare tire could reach you to the nearest auto shop where you can make the repairs. But, if your tire has damaged beyond repair then you have to buy a new one. In that case, it would be costly and also time-consuming for you.

Why Does It Take That Long To Drive On A Spare Tire?

70 miles the distance that you can drive on a spare tire and that distance should be enough for you to reach the nearest auto shop to change your tire. If you get your tire changed before completing 70 miles then it is well and good.

Even after changing the spare tire make sure that the other tire does not have any kind of problems.  However, some cars have a full-size spare and for them it is easy. In the case of several SUVs or other large vehicles then you can find that the car is equipped with a full-size spare.

One of the other factors that you should keep in mind is the basic instructions for changing a tire. Many times people do not have the basic idea of changing a tire and therefore they face many difficulties during an emergency situation.

Car manufacturers think that the spare tire is not used these days and is considered to be invaluable. It was senseless to equip every car or vehicle with a full-size spare tire. The spare tire is nothing like the other three tires.

The driver can experience some difference while driving on a spare tire. The wheel will also be different while you are driving on a spare tire and therefore the driving process could be unsafe many times. You should try to buy a new tire as soon as possible.


In the end, you should be able to reach your destination safely and timely. But, before anything else you have to make sure to keep some safety checks in your mind. A spare tire is always beneficial to keep it inside the vehicle that you are driving.

The spare tire could at least help you in an emergency situation. Make sure you know all  the basic details about tires and also how to change them. It is best that you seek help from an expert whenever you face a difficult situation while driving on a spare tire. Try to purchase a new one.


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