How Long Should a Person Wait To Marry (And Why)?

Exact Answer:- 24-30 years

Marriage is a beautiful concept of two committed people towards each other . This is the forever journey of two people which includes understanding ,a lot of mutual efforts , caring, responsibilities, sharing their lives , emotions , connection , respect , trust and adore each other unconditionally.



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It is an equal partnership of both men and women . Both of them learn together and grow old concurrently . We are in a society where it has been conditioned to marry at a certain period for both men and women . But there isn’t a perfect age to tie the knot unless you are mentally prepared to take the responsibilities.

How Long Should a Person Wait To Marry

How Long Should a Person Wait To Marry?

According to Indian society, the right age to marry for men and women

Men 26- 30 years
Women24-28 Years

Legal age of marriage in India

Men21 years
Women18 years

At the age of 24 or 25 , you are on the job and have experienced school life, college life and then settling down trying to be financially stable. And at that time you know what is good for you, you can make good choices. And according to the law of India, the legal age to marry for women is 18 years and for men , it is 21 years . But there isn’t any perfect age to marry until you are ready. One should feel like he/she can share life with another and one can take the responsibilities. Before marriage being financially independent is necessary. No one will tell you what’s the perfect age to marry. It’s you who will decide the right age for oneself .

Time is changing. People are dating before marriage to know the other one. you need to spend time together to know each other adequately. Only you and your partner can decide the right time to marry. You both will know when you are ready to tie the knot and this will take a lot of time to know about each other and end up making decision. At the time of dating , you and your partner need to communicate well about every aspects of life. Both needs to spend time together . You have to clarify what you want from your partner. Before marriage you must ask a question to yourself ” Are you happy with them ? Or you want them to change? Be honest while responding to this question .

Why Should a Person Wait That Long to Marry?

Marriage is a decision where you have to give time and be fair . As the ages passes , you will become more experienced . And you have already made many life choices. You know what you want . You got the ability to make the right choices .And if you are someone, you must know each other for years to know everything about them.

You must discuss everything deeply. You will get to know whether you are compatible or not. Sometimes, they both meet, made the connection, and become a couple and then this leads to marriage.

Some may date but they separate. It all depends upon the couple. Everyone story is different from each other. Waiting before marriage decrease the chances of being divorced. It helps you to understand each other in a better way. As in this journey, you both will through the good and bad phases. You both have to connect mentally, emotionally to understand each other feelings.

One should know what is the expectation of another person. You have to be emotionally available. Too both need to understand each other perspective, as everyone is different from each other.


No one can tell the right age and the right one to marry. This is real life, not a movie where everything happens at the right time perfectly. Even if you date, there is nothing to do with the time you spend with them. You and your partner only need to listen to yourself and each other and made a decision.

The perfect is when you are ready to marry. There is no such particular age to marry because this is a responsibilities. You have to mature, loyal, understanding to marry. Before marriage , you must make yourself confident, satisfied about what you want, what you earn and about your future as well. Don’t go for other opinions what they think . You only have to listen to yourself . Marriage is not the whole life . It is just the part of life.

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