How Long Can Someone Leave Their Property At Your House (And Why)?

How Long Can Someone Leave Their Property At Your House (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 30 days

There are many people who leave their property at someone else’s house. This can’t be a problem if the property stays there for around 30 days. People leaving their property for more than 30 days may not get the ownership back in their name.

For the tenants, the protocol for leaving properties would be different. In such circumstances, the owner should not skip calling the tenant to take their personal things. In the case of a guest, the owner must call the guests to inform them about the property.

The laws for how long someone can leave their property at someone else’s house are different for all the states.

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How Long Can Someone Leave Their Property At Your House?

Time To Recover PropertiesTime
Minimum time30 days
Maximum time50 days or more

There are many states or country where there is no such limits or specific time period for how long someone can leave the belonging at anyone’s place. There are some states who have their own laws for such belonging.

For example, there are some specific procedures for the tenants of California for leaving their belongings. According to California laws, the tenants are supposed to collect back their belongings.

The tenants must recover the belongings or property by following the rules and regulations of California laws. The landlords get some benefits under the California laws. The landlords are supposed to be compensated for storing the property without any damage.

The landlords are also required to be compensated for removing the property. The fees as the compensation must be decided according to California laws. The landlords will not be storing the belongings of someone for their whole life.

Therefore, if someone fails to recover their property, then it may get abandoned or disposed of. The conditions for disposing of or abandoning the property should be strictly decided under the specific laws of each state.

According to the laws of some states, the owner must send the notice to the person who left the property. In that notice, the owner must mention a specific date for how long the person has time to recover or take back the belongings.

The types of property would play a vital role in determining how they can be stored by the owner.

Why Can Someone Leave Their Property At Your House For This Long?

The type of property may also influence when they can be abandoned or disposed of. All those properties that come under the real property category could not be abandoned for their whole life. Real property includes properties that can’t move and don’t have any structure.

All the other things such as clothes and toothbrushes come under the personal property of humans. If someone is the owner of the house, then the person has the right to dispose of the property, if the person is not able to collect it within 30 days.

This provision is mainly used by the landlords for the tenant’s property. The rules for other priorities may vary depending on the place and type of property.

If the owner is the friend of the person who left the property, then it is in the hand of the owner for how long they want to store the property. The owner can even keep the property of a friend or relative for a long time.

The time to store the property of the friends and relatives comes with no specific laws about how long the owner can store them.

If the property of the person is of huge value, then the owner can take decisions for storing it or not. If the property of the person is of no value, then it depends on the owner if they want to dispose of it.


The person should not leave any type of personal belonging at someone’s place. As you never know when the person can deny having the property. The former tenants can get back their property if they have not crossed 30 days or more depending on the laws.

The landlords are supposed to inform the tenants about the left property within the required time period.


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