How Long Are AA Meetings (And Why)?

How Long Are AA Meetings (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 To 60 Minutes

The era of discipline and obedience is a bygone time now. The World now is unlike the mythological times where people used to abide by rules and followed rules and regulations. The scene and the tables have turned now along with the plates and spoons. 

However, democracy has its unavoidable flaws too. Allowing freedom to action creates many openings for social mishaps. Human beings getting addicted to alcohol and tobacco at a young age is one such mishap. 

How Long Are AA Meetings

How Long Are AA Meetings?

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings30 to 60 minutes (usual routine flow)
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (with more than 12 steps or in absence of a facilitator)More than 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) 

The practice of alcohol has been underway since the era of kings and queens. The name and taste may have gotten a little different now, but the content is the same as before. 

Earlier alcohol was a drink only the adults were in charge of and use of. However, modern adolescents are drawn towards the drinking trend to a large extent. The situation has gotten worse and there has to be a cure for it soon or the future is going to get dark. 

An international partnership that works none profitably for the sake of an alcohol-free society is called AA, or broadly, Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization is in charge of helping out the alcoholics who have gone overboard with their habit, but now, want to push it away. 

The best fact about Alcoholics Anonymous is that it does not demand a paid membership to the people who seek help through the organization. It is solely for spirituality and spirituality alone. 

Many people with a bad habit of drinking excess alcohol are still residing in the darkness and have little or no knowledge that such an organization exists. They are unaware that an organization is right out there helping the alcoholics heal without judging their financial background. 

Through AA meetings, alcoholics are treated with positive radiance and substitute foods that replace alcohol. 

Why Does It Take So Long For AA Meetings?

Many people who register their names in the organization are desperate to leave the habit of drinking and smoking. However, months and years of continuous drinking and smoking have enslaved them and it is not a cakewalk to get rid of the habit in a short time.

The application takes time. Giving a theory and applying it to real-life situations to yield results are two wholly different things. 

The staff working in Alcoholics Anonymous are committed to their duty honestly. Even if it takes time, there is a reason behind it. Long practiced habits like this are not easy to leave. 

Through AA meetings, twelve-step treatment is given to the alcoholics admitted in the organization. Using spiritual power and by putting them on a healthy and green diet, AA intends to heal the alcoholics. 

Leaving one habit and acquiring another is not a piece of cake. Sources speak that either to leave a habit or to get hold of one, it takes a minimum of 21 days (504 hours). However, in AA, the alcoholics are also taught how to lead the upcoming life along with alcohol deprivation. 

Structuring so many things inside the human mind and making all of them work effectively surely is going to take a significant amount of time. That’s why it is advisable to attend regular therapies in the AA and obey the instructions dutifully. 


AA works selflessly for society by healing the alcoholics and giving them a fresh point of view that can carry their will forward. Meetings that the AA conducts are highly essential for addicted people. Meetings are held at regular intervals to observe the growth too.

It is not that easy of a task and sometimes, people leave the therapies mid-way. It will ultimately harm the dropper only. Being spiritually active, a person can think logically and act selflessly. That is what AA does through all those meetings. 


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