How Long Can You Live With Leaky Heart Valve (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-10 Years(approx)

The heart is one of the most important parts of the human body as it pumps oxygen and delivers all the important nutrients along with it to the other body parts. A heart is a complex part of the body that works all the time to keep the body working. The heart contains different parts that are necessary one of which is the valve. The valve regulates blood movement.

The valves of the heart keep ensuring that blood travels in one direction through the heart. It stops the backward movement of the blood. As the blood moves from the heart to different parts, the valves ensure that the blood travels in only one direction and not backward. This ensures that blood is pumped to all parts of the body.

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How Long Can You Live With Leaky Heart Valve?

Younger Patients8-10 Years
Older Patients12-15 Years

The leaking in the valves of the heart can be unnoticed but the consequences of the same can be longtime or for a shorter duration. The leaky heart valves and the problems it causes depend on how much it interferes with the flow of the blood. Treatment for the leaky valve of the heart can include medicines, surgical repair, or surgical replacement of the leaky valve depending on the extent of the problem.

The four major heart valve includes the tricuspid valve, pulmonic valve, mitral valve, and aortic valve. These four valves consist of the faps that let the blood flow in one direction. Each valve consists of three flaps that shut down once the blood flows out of it thus, preventing it from coming back. Laking through the valve is called valve regurgitation.

The leaky valve means that when the heart squeezes and pumps blood to different parts of the body, some blood leaks backward through the valve. Thus, blood does not reach all the parts of the body. A leaky valve can be diagnosed with help of a doctor with the help of a stethoscope that captures abnormal sounds such as the murmur in the heart. The echocardiogram can also help in identifying any leak in the valve.

To check the seriousness of the leak echocardiogram is necessary. A leaky valve does not have any symptoms. One of the major symptoms of the leaky heart valve is called congestive heart failure that can cause shortness of breath with exertion or even no exertion. It can also cause leg swelling or fluid retention in the body. Many other symptoms like lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, and heart-fluttering are also symptoms of a leaky heart valve.

Why Do You Live This Long With Leaky Heart Valve?

A leaky heart valve can make you stay alive and healthy for a long duration. One of the causes of leaky heart valves is the bicuspid aortic valve that means having two valves instead of three. High blood pressure, infection in the heart valve, Marfan syndrome, or rheumatic heart disease can also cause leaking in the heart valves.

Some usual symptoms are dizziness are fainting, fast or fluttering heartbeat, pain or pressure in the chest, or unusual fatigue. Valve repair that includes the process of annuloplasty that tightens or reinforces the leaky valve can help cure the leak. placing a clip, surgery to replace the vale can also help cure the leaky heart valve.

Some of the ways by which an individual can help take care of the leaky heart valve are eating a healthy balanced diet, regularly exercising, taking enough rest, reducing the stress, maintaining a healthy weight and cholesterol level, limiting drinking, smoking. Avoiding any bad or excess substances and maintaining a healthy life can help in reducing any chances of leaks in the heart valves.


The leaky heart valves can help you live a healthy life for approximately 10 years. The duration, however, depends on a number of factors like a healthy diet and exercise and the natural habits of the person. If you experience any symptoms that can probably make you untired or fatigued then getting a check-up by a doctor is important. The leaky heart valve can cause an imbalance in the body and hence, should be cured immediately with the help of medication.


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