How Long Does It Take For Turmeric To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: A Month

Turmeric is a popular spice used widely in dishes of the Indian subcontinent and many other Asian cuisines. Also referred to as the Golden Spice, turmeric has been in use for centuries as Ayurvedic medicine. It may be noted that this is a traditional system of medicine based on Ayurveda, one among the four books or Vedas in Hinduism.

Turmeric is incredibly beneficial in curing several ailments and improving the general state of human health. It contains Curcumin which is the active ingredient behind its numerous health benefits. Turmeric is instrumental to lessen pain, depression, anxiety, cholesterol and skin inflammation.

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How Long Does It Take For Turmeric To Work?

Benefits of Turmeric Expected Time To Cure
Reduction in skin inflammationsSix to eight months
Reduction in symptoms of osteoarthritis Six weeks
Treatment of depression and anxietyA couple of months
Aiding DigestionA few days

Turmeric is instrumental in aiding in the treatment of several health problems. A person can take turmeric as an ingredient in dishes, as tablets or in powdery form. People also have the option to consume turmeric as daily shots. Moreover, it is also available has in the form of oils and capsules which also have the same effect.

Turmeric is regarded as a highly anti-inflammatory agent and these properties are a result of its agent, Curcumin. It is on account of these properties that turmeric is used to treat skin inflammations. Within six to eight months of turmeric consumption, a person can notice visible changes in their health.

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Turmeric is also very helpful in treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis like joint pains. A patient of the same can experience a decrease in its symptoms, within six weeks of turmeric supplementation.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory agent and treating arthritis, turmeric also helps to fight against depression, anxiety and stress. Many studies have shown that symptoms of these can be eliminated within a couple of months of a regular intake of turmeric.

Turmeric also helps in aiding the process of digestion. Apart from being a great ingredient to use in dishes, turmeric also helps to digest the same. The effect of turmeric can be felt as soon as after the consumption of the meal.

Apart from these conventional health benefits, turmeric also finds its use as a cosmetic. It is commonly advertised in used in many cosmetic brands. Turmeric as a cosmetic can take a couple of weeks to act.

Why Turmeric Takes So Long To Work?

The basic reason why turmeric takes so long to work is that it is regarded as a sort of slow burner. It is like the exact opposite of a caffeine boost which gets to work almost instantly. Thus, if a person is desirous of instant benefits, they would probably be disappointed with turmeric.

Every time a person consumes turmeric, curcumin gets accumulated. When it gets accumulated enough, it starts to act only after that. This results in curcumin taking time to build up in a person’s system and act to bring the proposed benefits of turmeric into effect.

Turmeric also depends on the person’s physical features in determining how quickly it shall act. Body mass, weight and condition are important factors in this regard. The better these conditions are, the quick turmeric will act.

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However, studies have shown that if turmeric is consumed along with black pepper, the former acts in a much better way. Black pepper acts as a force multiplier, enhancing and speeding up the effects of turmeric.


The effect of turmeric is visible within a month or two. However, if a person desires great effects like a reduction in skin inflammation and symptoms of depression and anxiety, it would take a couple of months for turmeric to treat them. Nonetheless, it helps to aid in digestion as soon as it is introduced to the body system.

Turmeric is a slow burner implying it acts slowly as traces of curcumin accumulate in the body consumed regularly. Moreover, the physical condition and the dosage that is taken also influences how quickly turmeric would act.



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