How Long Did The Holocaust Last (And Why)?

How Long Did The Holocaust Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1933-1945

Every subject and fact in the world teaches something to anybody who learns about it. While what happens in the present gets itself a place in the science books, while what happened in the past take their place in a history book. There are details and information about almost everything that has happened in the past, and history books are filled with wars and victories. Wars shape countries and destroy some. It paves pathways to new kingdoms, the rise of new kings and leaders.

Wars include both losses and gain at great costs, and sometimes the whole population of the area would be wiped out during wars. People get caught in the crossfires if they are careless, which will lead them to their death. Some wars took place for years, even half a decade, while some were won and the lost parties surrendered everything they had to the winners. On some occasions, when it is better to wave peace, peace treaties were signed.

They were held so that wars between the signed two countries could never go at war together. When two countries fight against each other with the right resources and armies, it will be known as a war. On the other hand, sometimes, people were slaughtered mercilessly by armies even before they had a chance to defend themselves.

How Long Did The Holocaust Last

How Long Did The Holocaust Last?

Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany1933
Germany occupies Denmark and Southern Norway1940
End of World War 21945

The mass killing of people without reason or cause, which was also known as genocide, was one of the cruelest things to take place in history. While some were forgotten by people over time, some were etched in the minds of people and history for eternity. One such genocide is the Holocaust. The Holocaust first began in 1933 and ended around 1945 after many events. The Holocaust happened under the reign of Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler, one of the most ruthless leaders of all time, was appointed as the chancellor of Germany, and he started making many changes with his methods. When someone hears the name “Adolf Hitler”, the Holocaust is one of the many things that pop up in a person’s mind. The word Holocaust is derived from the Greek words, holos, and autos, which means whole, and burned, which means burnt offerings.

This word was used to describe offerings burned at the altar in the olden days, and yet, after 1945, the word took a completely different meaning. After 1945, when people heard about the death of a very large group of people, they called it a holocaust, as The Holocaust became the synonym of genocide after that.

Why Did The Holocaust Last That Long?

During the Holocaust, hundreds of European Jews were killed in cold blood, despite who they are. The total count of Jews murdered was calculated to be around six million, and the genocide was initiated and put into action by the Nazis, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. There was no valid cause for the genocide, yet it happened for a while.

The main reason the Holocaust was first brought into action was that the Nazis were hostile towards the Jews, and they were also followers of modern racism, nationalism and they wanted to get rid of the Jews. When Germany lost the first war, they even blamed that on the Jews. Jews were persecuted and discriminated against even hundreds of years before the Holocaust happened.


The jews were held responsible for the death of Christ and in the middle ages, they were made to live in separate communities, away from the other common population. They were even excluded from some professions and even cast out as scapegoats. When the plague happened in 1350, the Jews were blamed for it.

After the assassination of Tsar Alexander, there was a violent outbreak, in which thousands of Jews were killed or mistreated sometimes. As racism increased, more Jews were killed without reason, and after the 19th century, they were even considered as a different race after a while. The more the Jews were cast out, the more riots broke out, and in the end, the Holocaust began and lasted from 1933 to 1945.



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