How Long Did Slavery Last (And Why)?

How Long Did Slavery Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 1865

Slavery and servility are both the state and the situation of resisting as a slave. It is about a person who is individually unlawful to quit their service for another individual, while behaved toward as a product. Slavery commonly involves the enslaved person performing some work, while also having their location sanctioned by the slaver.

In ancient times people from different parts of the world were collected and sent to places to work for the slavers or money lenders. In search of work, the people were helpless, and it is their compulsion to work for the slaves instead of wealth.

How Long Did Slavery Last

How Long Did Slavery Last?

Slavery stayed under practice Till 1865
Slavery came into practiceIn 6800 B.C.

It is part of a week-long continuation to mark the 400th anniversary of the first African Americans who came as hostages on a ship in 1619, ushering in the age of American slavery. This sequel will look at the past and heritage of American slavery.

Everywhere in the 17th and 18th centuries, people were caught from the landmass of Africa, coerced into slavery in the American regions, and exploited to work as indentured helpers and labor in the harvest of crops such as tobacco and cotton. 

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the expansion of Western areas ignores the people to abolish slavery and start a civil war. In the mid if seventeenth century, the slavery system began triangularly between America, Africa, and Europe. 

Enslaved people were ported from the French coastal region to the African coastal region where they purchased Negroes, who are aboriginals of Africa, from the local chief executive trains. Portal cities like Bordeaux and Nantes were growing economically because of the slavery system.

The National Convention voted to revoke slavery in all the French regions on February 4, 1794. Slavery was taken rebirth in the French areas by Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Slavery was ultimately repealed in the year 1848 by the Second Republican union of French. Many women and children were forced to work for the slavers. If anyone protested against slavery, they were punished strictly.

Why Did Slavery Last That Long?

In the year 1444AD started the slavery system in Europe. They brought a large no of slaves from Africa to Europe. Thus this system was started in Europe first.

Secondly, after eighty-two years  Spanish traders restarted the slavery system in American history.  In the year 1526, they brought African slaves to different settlements in the United States. Later on, it was implemented in different parts of the world like France, India, etc.

According to the Bible, the rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is a servant to the lender. This was exactly happening in that slavery times. Farmer la would go to the money lenders to fulfill their daily needs and necessary demand of their lands. Moneylenders, in return, charge a high interest from them, exploiting their necessity and insensibility.

Unfortunately, the farmer was unable to repay the amount and interest borrowed, then the slavery would inevitably fall on the coming generations of the farmer. 

This was a common scenario in some parts of India and some remote parts of the country. Son would have to pay for the money his father borrowed, even after his death.

Not every people are ready for doing work in other countries as a slave. In addition to having a job, they have to go to countries like America, Europe, etc. Fake promises have been made in front of them. 


Slavery can sizable clarified as the possession, buying, and selling of mortal energies for unwilling and overdue labor.

Slavery is one of the most ethical things that everyone agrees is immoral and sinful. There is a very common consensus that maximum people would possibly assert that ‘slavery is untrue only because it’s unfair’.

Slavery is in an ethical and unfair system. Only lower-lass people have to face this. It violates human dignity, respect, and all rights. It creates discrimination between the higher class and lower class people which is only suffered by lower-class people. People were happy with this system.

All mortal entities are allowed to be free and equal in prestige and freedoms. They are endowed by reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood and unity.


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