How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Itch (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 days

The bed bug bites can stay around 10 days or less. It depends on the intensity of bed bug bites. The body type of the person and how the person would treat the bites would predict how long the itching would last. Some people may see the itching getting better in just 3 to 4 days.

Taking correct medication for the treatment of bed bug bites would help in faster recovery. The itching would get better when the bites would start to disappear. It would not take more than 10 days, but some people may see the symptoms even after 10 days. In such a case, expert advice is required for taking the next step.

People with sensitive skin would suffer a lot due to bed bug bites. As the bed bug bites for sensitive skin people would experience the symptoms for around 30 days or more.

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How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Itch?

Bug Bites ItchTime
Minimum time3 days
Maximum time10 days

The symptoms of bed bug bites would be different for both sensitive and normal skin people. The sensitive skin people would see severe itching due to bed bug bites. Some of the medication and treatment that would work for the bug bites itch are:

Lotion- Calamine lotion is known for healing the symptoms of bed bug bites. The calamine lotion contains many ingredients that would give a soothing feeling to the person. Calamine is known for its effectiveness against skin discomfort and irritation.

The doctor or dermatologist may ask the person to apply calamine lotion twice or thrice a day.

Advil- This medication is great for reducing the inflammation caused by any type of bug bite. Many people take Advil medicine for skin irritation or swelling due to skin waxing. Tylenol is another great medication used for the treatment of pain and swelling.

All the affected people should take this medication only after they are recommended by the doctor. Sometimes, the person will have to take multiple dosages of this medication as one single dose may not show huge effects.

Natural remedies- There are many remedies that people are using for decades to treat the symptoms of bed bug bites. People can apply natural or preservative-free aloe vera gel to reduce muscles inflammation or pain due to bed bug bites.

Why Do Bed Bug Bites Itch Last This Long?

Aggressive scratching would not allow the bed bug bites symptoms to go faster. If any person would scratch the bites, then it would cause them to swell more. Sometimes, aggressive scratching would cause the bites to burst which would cause huge pain. The wound would get fester if the bed bug bites are rubbed or scratched.

If someone left the bed bug bites without any medication or treatment. Then it would be very dangerous for the people as it would bring many skin infections. The wounds can get septic if people apply the ointment or gel with dirty hands.

As the bacteria in the hands will get transferred to the wounds, this would cause the itchiness to stay. Sometimes, the bed bug bites would become wounds. These wounds would not get treated with normal treatments. Then the doctor may suggest taking medication and injection with antibacterial properties.

After the bed bug bites, the person should clean the area with medicated soap and water. People can use any antiseptic soaps or liquid for cleaning the bed bug bites. Light salt may help in preventing any bacteria growth in the affected area.

The light salt application would also help in reducing the intensity of rashes caused due to bed bug bites. The methanol content in toothpaste would help in cooling down the affected area.


The bug bites itching would get reduced if the person starts the treatment during the initial stage. Everyone can treat the bed bug bites itch with natural remedies if the intensity is very low. People who are severely affected by bug bites would require medication and antibiotics.

Maintaining body hygiene is vital for faster recovery as bacteria growth would make the bed bug bites itching more severe.



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