How Long Do Ant Bites Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Ant Bites Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 hours

The ant bites would last around 6 hours. The person would get instant pain after the ant attacks the person. The ants do sting and not bite the person. The symptoms of ant bites would vary for everyone. Most of the people would see itchiness and pain for hours together.

If someone is having any type of allergy to the venom of the ants, then ant bites could turn extremely dangerous for the person. Sometimes, the ant bites go in 60 to 90 minutes as it would depend on the intensity of the sting. Anaphylaxis’s symptoms can come after a single ant sting.

The symptoms would sometimes appear instantly while sometimes after a few hours. There are many types of species of ants that may sting a person. The type of ants would also influence how long the ant sting symptoms last.

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How Long Do Ant Bites Last?

Ant BitesTime
Minimum time4 hours
Maximum time6 hours or more

The fire ants are mainly of two types. The red imported fire ant and black imported fire ant. The intensity of the two types of ants would be almost the same. Some ants may cause severe stings that would make the symptoms last for more than 6 hours. The fire ants can do multiple stings which would cause more severe symptoms.

The ants would either do single or multiple stings. In multiple stings, the venom inside your body would create many unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. This will happen when the venom inside the body starts chemical reactions inside the body.

The poison content in the venom is the main reason for people experiencing very tough symptoms. After getting stung by the ants, the person would feel symptoms such as hallucination. The nervous system of the person would get affected due to the venom of the ants. Most of the time, the ant sting’s symptoms would stop on their own.

Normally, no treatment would be required for the people. There will be some severely allergic people to the venom of the ant. These people would have to take treatment or go for extra care for not getting severe ant symptoms. Sometimes, the burning sensation would be for around 12 hours.

The person’s skin is also a condition for influencing the ant bite symptoms. The person with extremely sensitive skin would see the skin turning red with bumps. The burnings sensation would be huge in people with extremely sensitive skin.

People who have very hard skin may not experience all the symptoms as they won’t be able to feel most of the symptoms.

Why Do Ant Bites Last This Long?

If the person experiences no symptoms other than minor burning and pinching sensation. Then it would not stay for more than 60 to 90 minutes. The people with multiple stings would have to apply some medication as recommended by the expert. The fire ants stings would be different in appearance as people would see a mark of it.

These marks would mostly look like bumps or pimples which would be small in size. Sometimes, the blisters and pimples would increase in size if the ant sting happens in multiple sizes. The blisters don’t appear instantly but would take around 30 to 45 minutes for appearance.

Sometimes, the allergic symptoms of the ant stings would be more than a chemical reaction. If the ant sting or bite goes beyond chemical reaction, then it would be dangerous.

Many people use cold compress methods for providing relaxation to the ant sting. The doctor may ask the affected person to apply some type of ointment. The ointment with antibiotics would help in reducing the infections and poison due to the venom. An oatmeal bath is suggested by experts for helping the symptoms of ant sting.


The risk of ant sting is higher for pets and children. As the ant stings in children would not be noticed instantly. The skin of the children is softer and sensitive as compared to adults. The pets would not be able to inform their owners about the ant sting if the owner fails to see the reactions of the pets.

You never know how intense the ant sting would be. Therefore talking to an expert would be a wise choice.


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