How Long Do CPR Certifications Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Years

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It can be described as an emergency medical procedure that needs to be done when a person has suffered cardiac arrest and is experiencing difficulty in breathing naturally. CPR consists of giving chest compression to the concerned person along with artificial ventilation.

CPR is nothing but a lifesaving technique that is useful as it creates an effort to manually preserve and keep intact the brain functioning until further critical measures are taken to restore blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in a life or death situation and is struggling to breathe.

Knowing how to give CPR to a person is undoubtedly a valuable skill to possess and thus it should be kept up-to-date always. Thus, the CPR certification necessarily requires updating or renewal of the certificate after a certain period from the receipt of the certification to keep its validity intact even beyond its expiration date.

How Long Do CPR Certifications Last

How Long Do CPR Certifications Last?

Validity of CPR certificate2 years
Duration of CPR course4 – 6 hours

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is a certification process that makes a person eligible for giving CPR to other people who require it in emergencies and other circumstances. It is a certification process that involves completing all the requisite training for giving CPR to a person.

CPR certification is a first-aid course that can be extremely useful in unforeseen emergencies which can be completed through specifically designed courses in the authorized hospital, health care institutes, training centers, and other such organizations which are offering this certification course to people.

The skill of knowing how to give CPR can be useful in several career fields like childcare, industry service-related work, or any jobs in connection with the medical field.

It must be noted that CPR certification means the person with the certification has taken the formal CPR training given by a reputable medical institute or training center and has passed the CPR examination to avail of the CPR certification. To achieve it, one has to adequately perform all the steps for giving the CPR appropriately.

However, it should be remembered that CPR certification is not a certification that lasts for an entire lifetime. It has to be renewed if one wants the validity of the certification to continue. After successful completion of the course, the CPR certification stays valid for 2 years.

Why Do CPR Certifications Last This Long?

Cardiac arrest is one of the several issues related to one’s heart that can cause the heart to stop pumping blood which can prove extremely fatal. However, by some manual stimulations to the heart, it can be revived and the person who has suffered cardiac arrest can be brought out of the danger due to heart stoppage.

CPR involves giving chest compressions to the concerned person to make his or her heart pump again. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is combined with CPR to save the lives of numerous people all across the world. Thus, in case of emergencies, a person with knowledge of CPR can prove extremely beneficial to stabilize critical conditions until the ambulance arrives.

CPR certification can be required by certain persons mandatorily. This involves lifeguards, doctors, nurses, licensed medical staff, etc. In some organizations, even teachers, counselors, etc are required to complete CPR certification as it might come in handy someday.

Thus, an average citizen of any nation might not be compulsorily required to have CPR certification, but it is always a good idea to have one as it could make one fortunate enough to save one’s life with the knowledge gathered through the CPR certification course.


As CPR is a technique that can be used to save lives, it needs to be done correctly. Thus, once a person obtains the CPR certification it lasts only for about 2 years. To facilitate its renewal or re-certification, one might need to once again demonstrate the correct technique for giving CPR to ensure that it is performed correctly using the proper techniques.

After the expiry of the CPR certificate’s validity, the renewal process does not take a long time. It gets completed quickly as one already possesses the knowledge and skill needed for performing CPR and thus, for renewal that skill only needs to be refreshed to ensure that one is up-to-date with all the steps of correctly performing the CPR.

Thus, it can be concluded that CPR certification lasts for about 24 months from the date of successful completion of the CPR course.



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