How Long After Death Does CPR Work (And Why)?

How Long After Death Does CPR Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Minutes

Death can happen anywhere due to some kind of accident and there would still be a chance to save the person’s life by conducting the method of CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR is considered to be an emergency procedure.

The CPR procedure includes combining chest compressions with artificial ventilation.  The primary aim of this procedure is to make the blood circulate normally and make sure that the person breathes who had a cardiac arrest. There are several steps as to how CPR could be performed on a person who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

How Long After Death Does CPR Work

How Long After Death Does CPR Work?

When to perform CPR?Within two minutes after a person had suffered cardiac arrest.
What happens if CPR delays?Lack of blood flow would injure the brain.

Whenever a person suffers from a cardiac arrest then within two minutes one should perform CPR. After three minutes serious brain injury could occur to the person suffering because of the stoppage of blood flow.

CPR is also considered to be a basic life support procedure because any person knowing about CPR can perform it during an emergency situation. Most people have recovered after CPR had been performed on them immediately after a cardiac arrest.

CPR is one of the easiest and fastest methods to help a person who has recently suffered a cardiac arrest. However, there are certain steps that a person needs to follow to perform CPR on a person who suffered a cardiac arrest.


The first step would include putting your heel on the hand that you are dominant with at the chest of the person. The second step includes putting your second hand over your dominant hand and then interlocking your fingers. The third step is obvious that you have to start chest compressions.

Soon after that open the person’s mouth and add a rescue breath. The sixth step includes you to watch the chest fall and doing another rescue breath. The compression period should be done till 30 compressions are complete keeping about 2 breath cycles.

Why Does It Take That Long After Death For CPR To Work?

Two minutes is the maximum time required for conducting CPR on a person who had a cardiac arrest. Whenever a person has suffered a cardiac arrest his blood stops for some time and there is only limited time to perform the procedure of CPR on them.

People who are nearby the person suffering from cardiac arrest should immediately come to help so that the person can at least have the chance to survive after performing CPR. The procedure of CPR is designed to help someone who had a cardiac arrest unexpectedly.

As mentioned above that you only have quite a couple of minutes to perform CPR on the person. Follow the steps mentioned above to perform CPR successfully. According to some study it has been found that about 72% had predicted a fair chance of survival while about 65% had predicted a complete neurological recovery.

Therefore, you can expect that a person can have a fair chance to survive after they had suffered an unexpected cardiac arrest. So, it is quite important for people to have an idea about how to perform CPR on a person.


Performing effectively would automatically increase the chance of survival of the person who has suffered from a cardiac arrest. But, the procedure might not work in all cases because if more than 3-4 minutes have passed after a person had a cardiac arrest then it becomes quite difficult for recovering through the CPR procedure.


In the end, people need to be careful about their health and they should keep themselves as healthy as possible. Regular exercise and eating healthy foods would automatically reduce the chance of having a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.

People, who had suffered an unexpected cardiac arrest must have a history of smoking and drinking. People should limit themselves when it comes to the consumption of tobacco and cigarettes. Staying healthy is the only way to keep yourself away from any kind of unexpected cardiac arrest.

Once you recover through a CPR procedure it is best you stay under the surveillance of a doctor. Stay in the hospital if needed so that you can be monitored for a few more days.


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