How Long Do Cricut Blades Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 6 – 12 Months

Cricut is the brand name of the machine that makes cutting through several types of materials like vinyl, cardstock, paper, leather, wood, etc extremely easy and helps in getting work done in a hassle-free manner. A Cricut is nothing but an electronic cutting machine that has truly revolutionized the way one cuts different things.

Cricut blades are made of premium quality and are known for cutting various types of materials. These blades are capable of cutting the most intricate cuts easily as they are designed to finely and precisely cut through a variety of thin to medium weighted materials.


How Long Do Cricut Blades Last?

Cricut blades last forApprox. 6 to 12 months
Cricut knife blade last forApprox. 12 – 18 months

Whenever one needs to cut any material the first tool that comes to one’s mind is to cut using scissors or a Xacto knife. However, with the Cricut blades that are made up of premium and high quality, cutting through different materials whether hard or soft has become a cakewalk.

One can use Cricut blades to cut almost everything that one would cut via a pair of scissors manually. Thus, these blades have not only made cutting fun but also less time-consuming. Cricut cutting machines work with the help of various cutting blades that can help in cutting intricate designs accurately.

The precision with which the blades of the Cricut machines cut designs on various types of material is complex to imitate while manually cutting those same patterns with the help of scissors. It must be noted that the essential component of this cutting machine is its blades.

The Cricut machine uses different blades for different materials. It is always advisable to replace the blades after 6 to12 months to ensure that the precision of cuts is not deteriorated with time because of the blunt ends of the blades.

As Cricut machines are known to cut all different types of materials, their blades can go dull with time because of their usage to cut a variety of different textures, each requiring a different level of sharpness to cut through. Thus, after prolonged usage of about a few months, one should change the blades of the machine.

Why Do Cricut Blades Last This Long?

Just like different blades have different levels of sharpness to cut through the different types of materials, for example, an extremely sharp blade would be required to cut through the fabric while a comparatively less sharp blade would easily be able to cut through paper. In the same way, different blades would have different duration regarding how long would they last.

However, it is pertinent to remember that the duration for which the Cricut blades could last depend on the frequency of one’s use of the said machine for cutting a variety of materials. Thus, if one uses the cutting machine frequently for cut-outs, such a person would naturally be required to replace the blade more than the person who rarely uses their Cricut machine.

The blade has the nature of getting dull with time and is bound to lose its sharpness after a while of extended use. Thus, even Cricut blades cannot be said to last for a lifetime. Based on the average use of the machine, the blades can last for anywhere between 6 to 12 months. However, this depends on a large extent to the usage of the machine.

One can quite easily understand when it is time to change their blade. When the cut-outs are not precise or the blades stop cutting through the material, that is the time one needs to get a replacement for their Cricut blades. Thus, it could be concluded that whenever the cutting of the machine becomes dull and is not as crisp as it was when the machine was bought new, it is time to change the blades.


The exact answer to how long can Cricut blades can last is undeterminable as it depends on a variety of factors like frequency of usage, material being cut, etc. Thus, every person might be required to change their Cricut blades at different intervals depending upon their usage of the machine.

Generally, blades last for 6 to 12 months on average, however, if it is used daily the blade might last for a comparatively shorter period. Thus, it is always advisable to keep a few spare blades handy and use them whenever the blades become dull due to constant use over a long duration.


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