How Long Do Backorders Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 14 days

Backorders are very common when someone is shopping from online websites. There are many types of online sales that people love to do. The chances of backorders are very high in sales such as Black Friday sales. When a person orders something that is out of stock, then it stays in the list of backorders.



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The person needs to wait for around 14 days or more to get the order. It depends on how long the product or item takes to get back in stock. When there is a backorder, it means the person would get the product once it gets back in stock. Most of the retailers give an expected date for the delivery of backorders.

The waiting time for backorders would vary depending on the type of order. Some backorders may get delivered in 10 days, while others may take more than 14 days.

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How Long Do Backorders Take?

In days14 days
In weeks2 weeks

When the backorder items get back in stock, it is supposed to be shipped immediately. Sometimes, if the back ordered items contain other items which are not present in stock, then they would get shipped in different batches. Some backorders may take more than 14 days if they are not in stock for a long time.

The backorders delivery time depends on how long the items take to get back in stock. There is a huge difference between backorders and stock products. Both of these terms are used for items that are not in stock, but there are many differences. For the backorders items, the person would get an expected delivery date.

For the out-of-stock products, there won’t be any expected delivery date. When you are trying to purchase backorder items, you will see a notification for late shipment of the product. The seller would be aware of the date when the products can get back in stock for the backorders products.

Unusual demand is a very common reason why backorder happens. Many people experience backorders due to low safety stock. Safety stock helps in providing the products to the people in case of an emergency. Sometimes, the manufacturer would not be able to make the products or goods due to lack of materials and this will cause backorders.

Calculating the reorder points would help in minimizing the issues of backorders. The shops or retailers should always check on which items are selling in large quantities. The retailers or shop owners should always keep the popular items in stock to avoid the issues of backorders.

Why Do Backorders Take This Long?

If someone orders a bunch of products together, then the chances of backorders may increase. Therefore, the shop owners should always keep a huge amount of products to avoid the customers suffering from backorder issues. The location of the customer may be a big reason why the customers will get delayed backorders delivery.

If the location of the person is too far from the product selling location, then the delivery time would be late. If the person lives in the same state or area, then the backorders may arrive before 14 days. Notifying the customers about all the updates is vital. As the shop owners may lose the customers if they don’t get the product for a long time.

The customer would be informed when the products would be ready to ship. Generally, the backorders would get available in 14 to 21 days, but some products may take more than 1 month.

The time of delivery for the backorders may get affected if the suppliers are not able to supply the products in the given time. Sometimes, the orders may get delayed, if the products take more time to get supplied.


The backorders can happen due to many reasons. Most of the time, the backorders would get delivered without any delay in delivery. If there is an option for multiple suppliers then the backorders would get delivered early. People should wait for the order to get delivered before doing the payment for it.

Everyone should receive all the updates about their backorders through emails for getting clarity about the process.


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