How Long Do Dry Beans Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Dry Beans Last (And Why)?

Exact answer: 25-30 years

Beans are a source of affection for many people. These plant-based proteins are extremely beneficial to people’s health. And there are a plethora of ways to enjoy them but people need to know the right ways to enjoy beans.

Also, since dried beans have a longer shelf life than fresh produce, it makes sense to stock up on these (usually) low-cost vegetables. Dried beans, like any other food, do not last indefinitely, despite appearances and this is why many people wonder about their shelf-life.

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How Long Do Dry Beans Last

Type Of BeansShelf-Life
Dried25 Years
Fresh5-10 Days

It’s finally time for people to use those overlooked bags of dried beans that have been buried in the cupboard. Yes, because people probably fantasise about what to do with those chilli or black bean burgers they bought years ago. According to the USDA, dried beans have a least lifespan of one to two years. Unofficially, they last virtually indefinitely and they are categorised as non-perishable.

After two to three years, the dietary value begins to deteriorate, and after five years, all vitamins are lost. But that doesn’t mean people can’t cook and eat them after ten years. But as mentioned above, as per some other researchers, dry beans are edible for 25-30 years. Apart from slight adjustments in nutritional content, dried beans are safe if kept in a cool, dark spot.

A tightly sealed container will keep the beans fresher for longer than the plastic bags they are commonly sold in. It is a good way to keep different bean types separately to prevent a bad batch from spoiling the rest. In simple words, even if they are safe to eat, they have no dietary value if stored in a pantry for more than five years. As a result, most chefs advise using them within two years of the best before date.

When storing dried beans in the refrigerator, this rule does not apply. It is completely dangerous because they absorb water and completely ruin it quickly. The only exception is that cooked dried beans can be stored in this manner for three to five days. The dry beans can also be safely stored in the kitchen cupboard in a glass jar or an airtight container.

Why Do Beans Lasts For That Long? 

As mentioned above, many people believe that dried beans can last forever, even though they have an expiration date printed on the packaging. However, if not properly stored, this food can spoil. Still, as long as they are kept in a dry and dark place, it’s unlikely to happen. After 24 to 36 months, dried beans lose the majority of their dietary value and vitamins.

In that case, including them in diet is pointless because they will no longer be as good and healthy as before. Furthermore, people can predict their flavours to fizzle as well. This constraint will keep air quality from causing premature damage to the beans, so people won’t have to worry about them drying out or retaining unwanted moisture.

If someone has several bags of specific sorts of beans, he should keep them in separate airtight containers so that one rotten bean doesn’t spoil the gaggle. Also, if people find beans that are mouldy, odorous, or infested with pantry bugs, they should toss them and add a new bag to their shopping list. Moisture most likely got into the bag or container, causing it to decompose.


The lower the level of oxygen and light reaches the beans, the better. Beans must be maintained if they are only slightly faded in colour; this is natural and does not indicate that they are expired. According to The Bean Institute, if someone has gravely aged beans that need a little extra love, a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda per pound may help them soften. Although many people believe that dried beans are almost non-perishable, this is not the case.

Anyone can eat this vegetable, but they should be prepared to get calories instead of nutrients. Dried beans are nutritious and one of the most versatile foods available, so people can use them to make soups, hummus, and side dishes. Many people make stocks and freeze them because they are less expensive than canned beans.


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