How Long Do Flowers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 – 3 Weeks

If you’ve received or intend to present a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift, you may be wondering how long it will last and how to keep the flowers fresh. You want to recall the event for which you received the flowers, or you want to maintain your space as vibrant as possible.

Your flowers will have a greater chance of being fresh for a longer period if you know how to care for them. You or the receiver will be able to display the flowers, which will light up your house or office space. Of course, each blossom is unique, and each arrangement has its personality, but how long should you expect your fresh flowers to last?

How Long Do Flowers Last

How Long Do Flowers Last?

Flowers can survive for up to five days without water on average. Also, how long flowers live without water is determined by a variety of factors, including the flower’s species, how fresh it was when cut, the ambient temperature, and the humidity of the surrounding air. The warmer the day, the more quickly it wilts.

Furthermore, several elements influence the lifetime of flowers, such as the temperature at which the bouquet is kept and the type of flowers used. When the temperature is warm, for example, it has a significant impact on the longevity of the flower’s life. Several flowers, on the other hand, may survive for a long time without water.

Tulips1 Week
Alstroemeria1 – 2 Weeks
Bird of Paradise
Carnations2 – 3 Weeks

As listed in the table of flowers, a bulk of them stays approximately a week in the vase before diminishing the flower’s vitality. Almost all of the flowers that endure a week or more are the typical candidates of flower bouquets, such as roses, lilies, and gerberas, which is unsurprising given their economic success and widespread use by skilled florists.

A flower’s freshness is indeed predetermined by its genetics, however, you can ensure that the flowers exceed the approximate lifetime by doing a couple of tasks that are meant to make the flower full of vitality for a longer.

Why Do Flowers Last That Long?

When flowers are freshly picked off of their respective plants and trees, like any natural element, they are sadly doomed to wilt. Their source of life was taken away the moment it was plucked from the plant.

To extend the vase lifetime of fresh flowers, place them in the appropriate spot. Leaving a vase in direct sun will cause flowers to dry out faster. You should also keep the container cold, but not near a fan or air conditioner, as this might dry out the blooms.

There are a few ways you could keep your flowers in a fresh state for a longer period:

  • Use a clean vase: This may seem self-evident, but make sure your vase is clean before filling it with tepid water and placing your flowers inside. When you replace the water in the vase, clean it well to remove any residue that might cause germs to develop.
  • Replace the water in your vase at least once a day or twice a week. It’s best to avoid filling up water because it won’t get rid of any bacteria that are already there. Replace the vase with fresh lukewarm water after dumping out the old water and washing it.
  • Nothing should be allowed to sink below the surface: When lying on or below the water’s surface, greenery and petals create a breeding ground for germs. To reduce bacteria development, use a vase that fits the height of your blossoms and cut any leaves downward on a stem.
  • Additives should be used with caution: Sugar is present in some handmade flower meals, which provides the sustenance that the blooms require. However, without a sterilizer, the sugar may encourage the growth of additional germs. Bleach for disinfection and lemon juice as an acidifier are used to tone it out.


The length of time flowers will live without water is determined by several factors. Certain rose cultivars have a longer or shorter lifespan than others. Nevertheless, none will endure more than a few weeks. The best you can do is preserve them for as long as possible.


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