How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 18-24 Months

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is a process of terminating marriage entailing cancelling all the legal duties and responsibilities as a married couple towards each other. A divorce dissolves all the bonds of matrimony. Divorce laws are different for different countries but most of the time a legal framework of sanction from the court and other legal authorities is necessary.

Divorce as a status is managed by the court because it involves many other things like child custody, alimony, distribution of property, child visitation, child support, parenting time and many more. Countries like the Philippines and Vatican City do not allow a married couple to get divorced. Divorce always depends from community to different countries.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce?

Country Time Period
India18-24 Months
USA5 Weeks – 1 Year
UK4-6 Months
Canada1-5 Years

The time period for divorce depends from county to country. While most of the countries provide a flexible and sensible framework for divorce, there are many countries that do not implement the laws for divorce. The divorce time period in India can vary from 18-24 months, in the US the time can be from as less as 5 weeks for an uncontested divorce or even a year. Uk offers a flexible time period for divorce of 4-6 months.

Divorces vary according to how the marriages are seen as. In many cases, marriages are seen as a contract or a status. Taking marriage as a contract can make the marriage break with refusal from one spouse. In many countries like Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, the proceedings for divorce do not really come with a legal obligation that means, the people can divorce according to their needs.

Divorce also comes with two types of jurisdiction under the legality that means that divorce can be on the basis of fault or no-fault. In some cases, the court can interrupt the legal division of assets between the husband and wife. Whereas, in many countries, the court prohibits interfering in any framework of the divorce between two different countries.

Polygamy can be considered a major cause of divorce. Many laws and countries permit the idea of divorces are more prone in a polygamous marriage as compared to a monogamous relationship. Divorce can be done because of three main reasons: sexual satisfaction, economic restraint, and childishness. Getting a divorce might be easier for men as compared to women.

Why Does It Take This Long To Get A Divorce?

Getting a divorce takes time because a legal time period is given for the couple to get settled down. Divorces are not considered good because they involve breaking a relationship. This is the reason why divorces are not always done in a hurry. A fixed amount is given to the two parties to see if they can work on the differences and manage the save the marriage.

Divorce also involves getting legal paperwork done involving division on assets between the husband and wife. In cases of parents, the custody of children is also divided within parents. Other assets like property, bank accounts, etc, are divided equally or depending on the laws of the country. The effects of divorce can be really bad for a couple and the people associated with them.

Effects of divorce can include academic, behavioural, and psychological changes. These changes can directly affect the people associated with the victim couple. In most cases, children tend to become the target in between divorces. The children can face psychological trauma leading to anxiety, depression and greater use of mental health services. Many pre-divorce and post-divorce mental health services are being used widely these days.


The time taken for a divorce can depend on the country to the country. The minimum duration is from 4 weeks to a maximum of more than a year. In India, the time taken for getting a divorce is 4-6 months. The duration of divorce and the laws depend from country to country and can vary for different religions. Many countries do not even allow getting divorced. Many countries have a flexible framework with the least involvement while many have a full jurisdictional case running to get a divorce.


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