How Long Do Pet Bunnies Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 12 years

The lifespan of the rabbit as a pet would be around 12 years. The person should take proper care of the bunnies to make them live longer. It’s vital to understand the basic requirement of the bunnies. The owner should feed the bunnies whatever they like to have. Bunnies as pets can live long as they can get good foods and places to hide.

Wild rabbits face a lot of struggles and stress that will decrease their lifespan. Social stress is a big reason that will affect the happy life of the bunnies. The bunnies need companions and good space to move freely. Each breed of rabbit would have a different lifespan. The larger breeds of bunnies would live shorter as compared to the dwarf rabbits.

The rabbits that are mixed breeds would have a longer lifespan as compared to the purebred rabbits.

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How Long Do Pet Bunnies Live?

Pet BunniesHow Long Do Pet Bunnies Live
Minimum average lifespan9 years
Maximum average lifespan12 years

The activeness of the bunnies is required. Many people believe that rabbits don’t require a lot of attention or care. The bunnies require a good amount of nutrition and daily exercise. Everyone should keep the bunnies in extremely big cages so that they will get a lot of space to play.

The bunnies need to get out of the cage for 4 to 5 hours daily to do physical activities and exercises. The owner of the bunnies can allow them to move freely in a cleanroom. This would help the bunnies to stay active and to do good stretching exercises on their own. If the pet is not active, then it would catch many problems such as obesity.

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Obesity can be a cause for bunnies to get heart problems. Bunnies need food in time as their teeth grow very fast. The owner can give dried grass to the bunnies as it would help the bunnies to fulfill the nutritional requirements. The diet of the bunnies should also include a good amount of leafy and fresh greens.

High-fiber pellets are also required as an additional diet requirement for bunnies. The diet of the bunnies is vital to prevent the stress and anxiety in them. The bunnies should not take fresh grass as it would be rich in sugars. This can affect the digestive system of the bunnies. The owner should give attention to the bunnies as they don’t like the feeling of loneliness.

Why Do Pet Bunnies Live This Long?

The fear of predators and food scarcity would decrease the lifespan of the bunnies. The wild rabbits may not survive for more than 2 to 3 years as they suffer from food scarcity. The mental health of the bunnies plays a pivotal role in making them survive long. The bunnies can survive for a long time if they are with the correct companion and in free space.

The medical check-up of the bunnies is also important to know any type of hidden disease. It’s not about how much food someone feeds to the bunnies, but the correct food should be given to the pets. The person can check out all the nutritional requirements for the bunnies. Bunnies get highly disturbed by loud noises.

The owner should keep the bunny in a place where there will be peace. If someone carries the bunnies in the car, then sudden movements can cause anxiety in them. Therefore, the owner should always keep the bunnies relaxed with no depression. Never skip giving vaccination to the bunnies.

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The vaccination dosages are important to prevent any diseases that may affect the health of the bunnies.


The welfare of the pet bunnies can get affected by heavy stress. If someone keeps the bunnies happy, healthy, and comfortable, then the bunny would survive long. The bunnies can survive around 12 years if they are free from diseases and mental health issues. Overfeeding the bunnies will not work, but feeding them the correct amount of food will do.

Talk to the vet for getting the details of the nutritional requirements for the bunnies.



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